Which Would You Choose?

I have come to the decision that rather than buying some chairs,

I will have my Ethan Allen Martha Washington chairs

that I purchased at an estate sale recovered.

My dilemma ….. Do I go super neutral or do I chose a pattern?

These are the chairs that will be recovered:

Dining Room Sitting Area - Housepitality Designs

The chairs are currently in the dining room sitting area,

however, that does not mean that they will remain there.

I have moved one of the  chairs to a corner of the room

so that you can see the choices a bit better.

The chair as it is now:

Dining Room Sitting Area - Housepitality Designs

Here is it with some pattern and color. Love that buffalo check.

The same check that is in my Master Bath (click on “master bath” if you missed this post).

Dining Room Chair - Housepitality Designs

I know the appearance of the examples of pattern/color vs. totally neutral is a bit unflattering

with the folds and wrinkles, but I hope you can get the idea.

Dining Room Chair - Housepitality Designs

Now, this is not to say that these are the patterns/colors that I will choose for the chairs.

Just trying to make a decision on fabrics. Go with pattern and color or totally neutral.

So what would you choose? Would love to hear your opinion.

In the meantime, I have many, many projects on my plate.

From my sweetie’s total room (which is practically empty now) re-do,

to the media room, in which two chairs were removed and given to my son.

Stay tuned next week for my DIY porch project!

Have a wonderful weekend! I will be watching our Boys of Summer!

A Simple Summer Tablescape and a Chair Makeover

Happy Monday everyone! . . . Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.

Mine was filled with lots of tasks, including preparing for a dinner party . . .

~ ~ my annual turn with the Dinner Group of wonderful friends.

Summer Tablescape

I set a simple table this time . . .

~ ~ no place cards . . . no little “cutesy” things that I usually do . . . I went Simple.

Summer Tablescape

My dining room is a casual room . . .

~ ~ that is located just off the kitchen and at the back side of the house . . .

Summer Tablescape

Rather than the typical formal dining room located in the front of a home.

I am seeing more of this “casual dining space” in new home plans.

Summer Tablescape

We feel as if we are in a “tree house” when sitting in this room . . .

~ ~ as it is a second story view.

Summer Tablescape

The centerpieces are basil plants with daisies added in pretty terra cotta pots.

~ ~ I used the floral aquapics to secure the daisies in the plant.

These centerpieces were given to my guests as “parting gifts”

It makes up for my lack of gourmet cooking skills!!!…:)

Actually, no . . . I love to give my guests a momento of the evening . . .

~ ~ and I typically design my centerpieces as the parting gifts!…Two purposes in one!!

And now to the chair makeover . . . A chair that my niece wanted for her daughter’s room.

Chair Makeover

My niece is re-locating to the Denver area . . .

~ ~ so after this chair has been sitting in her garage for years . .

Chair Makeover

~ ~ she wanted to have it recovered before she left.

Chair Makeover

Ta da!! . . . We decided to eliminate the tufting. . .

~ ~ and paint the legs for a more updated look.

Chair Makeover

Here it is in a corner of Linda’s beautiful dining room . . yes, she also does upholstery!!

So that was a snipit of my weekend…hope you all had a great one too!

Have a wonderful day and hope it is filled with great sunshine!