The Sunroom Refreshed for Spring

I have been refreshing  my rooms from Winter decor to Spring decor.

That is always a fun thing to do as we all love Spring.

I have already Refreshed the Great Room for Spring.

The Sunroom Refreshed for Spring was next on the list.

I had a couple of inspiration pieces to work with.

When I received my new issue of Country Living, it was a no brainer to

go back to HomeGoods and get those pillows that I have had my eye on

and hoping they were still there.

Sunroom-Spring 2017-Housepitality Designs

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A Decorating Blooper

We all make decorating mistakes … mishaps …

that,  “why did I do that?”  kind of thing.

Well, the other day I featured my little sunroom makeover.

I happened to be looking at the photos in the post and gasped.

A Decorating Blooper ! …..  you know,  just like those shows that feature Bloopers and Blunders?

Well I certainly blooped and blundered.

First, I will you  show you how I corrected my Blooper.

Sunroom Potting Bench-Gold Watering Can-Pineapple Lamp-Housepitality Designs

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How An Inspiration Piece Can Change A Room

I received a gift from the sweetest person the other day.

I put that piece in my sunroom and the wheels started turning.

Come along with me and see

how an inspiration piece can change a room.

Sunroom-Chinoiserie table-Housepitality Designs

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Changes in the Guest Room and it’s Ready for Guests

When I danced to the Furniture Shuffle (again) to add a piece to the sunroom,

there was an empty area in the Guest Room that needed to be filled.

Oh my, I cannot let an empty space stay empty for long!

So I made some changes in the Guest Room and it’s ready for guests.

Guest Room-Chinoiserie-Iron Bed-Housepitality Designs

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I Have A Blue Christmas in the Master Bedroom

Whenever I hear Blue Christmas, it reminds me of that song by Elvis.

You know the one, “I’ll Have A Blue Christmas Without You” …

That being said, I have a blue Christmas in the Master Bedroom this year.

I did not use the Winter Birds bedding this year.

I thought I would do something different and I did.

Master Bedroom-Christmas 2016-Housepitality Designs

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Fall on the Back Porch

Dressing the back porch for Fall was on the agenda this past weekend.

Because you can see the upper back porch from most of the rooms in the main living area,

I needed to coordinate the colors.

I recently dressed the dining room in traditional Fall colors, which you can see HERE

and decided to go with those same colors, including the blues.

Upper Back Porch - Fall 2016 - Housepitality Designs

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Hydrangeas and Chinoiserie

Hydrangeas and Chinoiserie?

I say that is a great combination for summer decorating.

This past weekend, I was on the hunt for chairs

to replace the ones I am giving to my son.

Although, I was not successful in my quest,

there was one item that I found that had to come home with me.

Chinoiserie Crock & Hydrangeas - Housepitality Designs

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Master Bedroom of Blue and White

Today, I am joining some of my very favorite blogger friends

presenting some wonderful inspiration and love for the color blue.

Blue, a color that is pretty much a constant throughout my home.

In keeping with my efforts to transform my home from the Winter decor to

Spring, it was time to change out the bedding in the Master Bedroom to a lighter feel.

I looked in one of  the linen closets where I store my bedding

and the blue and white duvet seemed to be the perfect transition from Winter to Spring.

Master Bedroom - Housepitality Designs

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Repeating A Pattern

They say, that there should be one pattern in a room or area,

repeated 3 times.

They, as being the designers of classes that I took way back when.

I try to follow that rule, but it has lately gotten away from my decor.

Kitchen Bar Stool Seat Cover - Housepitality Designs

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Guest Room Makeover Sneakie Peekie

I cannot tell you how long is has been taking me to re-decorate this guest room.

I have been working on this a little at a time, in-between other projects and activities.

A few more tweaks, a little more painting, a few more things to purchase

and it will be done . . . however, you know that nothing is ever done.

Guest Room-Housepitality Designs

I had the Pottery Barn Sienna Paisley on this bed previously.

The paisley design had soft hues of blue, green and white.

That particular bedding has been in the room for a few years now and it was time for a change.

Guest Room/Pottery Barn Darcy Toile Bedding-Housepitality Designs

As soon as I saw this Darcy Toile Bedding in the Pottery Barn Catalog, I knew this was the

the pattern and look I was going for in this room.

Pottery Barn Darcy Toile Bedding-Housepitality Designs

I so love the patterns of Toile and Chinoiserie.

Guest Room-Housepitality Designs

In an earlier post I spoke of an item that my hubby spotted when we were at Pottery Barn last week.

Guest Room-Housepitality Designs

Here it is . . . a black glass cabinet with a mirrored back that actually is made for hanging,

however, I thought that it would look great on this table (for now at least) and goes so well

with the black accents on the room and the iron bed.

Guest Room-Housepitality Designs

I mentioned earlier that I was still working on a piece of furniture.

Here is a bit of a peek . . . still needs a bit more painting and new hardware.

Guest Room Lamp/Writing Desk-Housepitality Designs

I found the lamp I had in mind for the writing desk at HomeGoods. A Drexel Heritage at a great price.

Guest Room Chalkboard Print-Housepitality Designs

Still tweaking the wall and table top decor, but I think it won’t be too long before this room

will be finished; however, as I said before, a room is never finished, it is always evolving,

like all things in life. It just keeps things interesting and fun.

I wish you a most glorious day!