The Great Room for Christmas

Hello Dear Readers!

I am getting near the finish line

toward the end of the Christmas decorating

(however, is there really an end?).

Today, I thought that I would take you

into the room where we spend the most time in….

the Great Room. It is not really a large area

as it is divided by a small sitting area to its

left…but I do love the coziness of it.

The Great Room for Christmas.


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Christmas Decor Recap and a Beautiful Giveaway

Hello Dear Readers!

By now you all must be finishing up your Christmas Holiday preparations.

I still have some things to take care of …. a little shopping

for gift giving and for meal preparations.

Today, I thought I would do my Christmas Decor Recap and a Beautiful Giveaway.

The “Beautiful” giveaway details will be at  the end of this post.

Welcome to my Christmas Recap/Tour of the Berry Patch House

and hopefully next year I will be decorating for Christmas at the new house!

Foyer-Housepitality Designs-5

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