Enhancing and Elevating a Garden Stool

I am slowly changing things about the house after removing the Christmas decorations . .

~ ~ yep, you read correctly. . the Christmas decorations.

We have had a pretty busy month in January with traveling and other commitments.

I had this garden stool next to my chair . . .

~ ~ however, it just never seemed right . . loved the color and design, but not the height.

I decided it needed a “lift” . . .

~ ~ so I shopped the house and found the column bases I purchased from the High Point Market.

Hmm..let’s see if this will work.

The color of the base seems to work . . or should I paint it?..

The column base elevated the stool to the perfect height!

Topped the garden stool with a book and a plush velvet heart by “Plush Pumpkins” . .


I think this will definitely work . . even my hubby gave it the thumbs up!!

Still debating on painting/color washing the column base . . . what say you?

Also, my Soft Surroundings Giveaway is still going on . . .

~ ~ ~ so if you have not entered ~ ~ you can enter HERE for a chance to win!

Have a wonderful day!!!