Decorating with White and Pottery Barn

I am still on a bit of a “stay-cation” this week.

Catching up on housework and recovering from the many travels of the past two months.

I put away the Americana decorations and needed a light summer look.


I kept the Pottery Barn candlesticks on the table and added some ironstone to the vignette.



I purchased the vintage ironstone pitcher near Johnson City, Tennessee.

It had a great price of $12.00 on the tag…when I brought it up to the counter….

…..the kind gentleman said, “would $10 be okay?”….uhh sure!!!

Needless to say, I walked out of the shop with a smile on my face!




I purchased the double handled urns from the Pottery Barn Outlet during my trip to Atlanta.

…..I placed them on the candlesticks.

My hubby asked if I was ever going to place actual candles on the candlesticks…

… day!



I love the color and texture of reindeer moss.

It works well at the base of the urns.


I know I titled the post, Decorating with White…but you know me, I love color.

I added hydrangeas from my yard and placed them in the vintage ironstone piece…

…..that I bought in a yard sale in Johnson City, Tenn for 50 cents! 🙂




The container of hydrangeas sit on top of a book of poetry by Browning, dated 1895….

…..also purchased at the same yard sale for 50 cents!


To tie in a bit more color, I added some lavender buds to a small pitcher.


The candlestick is placed on some of my favorite books…

…..including the Country Living Decorating With White.



I replaced the chalkboard print with a boxwood wreath on the mirror.


The sun is streaming onto the floors this morning…it is great to see the brilliant sun in the morning again..

…..after so many rainy days in the past…but it has been really hot, so rain is welcome again!!

You saw some of my treasures in this post that I bought at mainly yard sales…

…..while in Johnson City, Tenn attending my hubby’s tournament.


And here is all of the loot!…and I paid just a little over $50 for all of it!!!


I was so happy to find a tobacco basket for a super great price…

…..great books over 100 years old for 50 cents each, a vintage ironing board…

……….a small mahogany table, a pretty silver teapot ($2.00)…and more.

I really need to go to that area more often…hmmm, I wonder when the next tournament is…

My usual Friday Series will return after the Haven Conference….when I will have more time to resume projects.

I wish you all a most wonderful weekend filled with great times and making beautiful memories!

I am joining:

From My Front Porch to Yours for Treasure Hunt Thursday