Taking Time to Enjoy the View

No, I am not going to make a guest appearance on “The View” .

Rather, making a conscious effort to truly “enjoy the view” ~ ~

To stop and take time to smell the wonderful scent of my granddaughter’s hair.

~ ~ to listen to her laugh and try not to cry when she says “I Love You Grandma”

I am an “early bird” ~ ~

I love to watch the sun rise and took these pictures last week:

The first thing I do when I awake is to head to my little coffee room ~ ~

The sun was just starting to rise.

I grabbed my cup of coffee and started to watch the sky turn to glorious colors.

~ ~ This was taken from my dining room.

That morning it was bitter cold ~ and the skies that day were a beautiful Carolina Blue!

Waking up to such magnificent beauty makes you stop and put things into perspective ~

~ ~ to realize that life is not a dress rehearsal ~ ~ to enjoy every moment!

I am going to truly try very hard this year to “LIVE” . .

~ ~ to heed to my mother’s attitude of being happy to be alive.

As I have stated here many times before ~ ~

When you ask my mom how she is, she will respond:

“I am good, because today I woke up and saw the sun”

Have a wonderful day!! ~ ~ and if you want to find out how to enhance your home . .

~ ~ and make it warm and cozy . . take time to visit the following blogs ~ ~

And they will show you how!!!

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