Everyday Living Around the Coffee Table

Hello everyone!

As I am recuperating from my hand surgery, I want to introduce (and some of you may already know)

Pam, of Everyday Living.  She is a multi-talented lady who lives in a most beautiful home

surrounded by the most gorgeous gardens that she and her hubby have so lovingly created

over the many years that they have been in their home.

Be sure to visit her blog and experience a real treat!

Take it away Pam!

A warm hello from the Appalachian foothills everyone!

I am Pam and you can find me over at Everyday Living. I am so

excited to be a guest on my talented friend Shirley’s beautiful blog…

what a blessing she has been to me ever since Istarted blogging two years ago!

We finally met last weekend for lunch with our hubbies, and we had the best time!

You will find me doing a little of everything…

tablescaping, decorating, gardening, traveling, cooking, and of course

gushing over my first granddaughter!

I love to entertain, and today I want to share with you an easy idea for hosting a

small group of girlfriends! And there will be little to no clean up involved…because let’s face it…

when you gather ladies

around sweet treats, there is usually nothing left!

Today, I want to invite you to sit down and make yourself comfortable

around my coffee table…we’ve got some chatting to do!

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