Hickory Cottage Update Part 4 and an Estate Sale Find

Hello Dear Readers!

Hope you had a most wonderful week and weekend.

Mine has been very busy with the house

and a tournament thrown in last week too.

I did manage to get to a most amazing estate sale

this past Saturday.

Today we have the Hickory Cottage Update Part 4

and an estate sale find.


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An Estate Sale In The Country Yields Changes In The Dining Room

So I asked my friend, “have you ever been to Youngsville?” “No”, she replied.

It’s a beautiful evening, so why not spend it at a beautiful farm

and you get to shop as a bonus! She gladly agreed.

So off we went on a 55 mile drive through the countryside,

leaving the house at 3:30pm to secure a great  place in line.

Now what could be a better view while standing  in line than this:

Hills Farm-Housepitality Designs

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A Vintage Tea Cart – Good things come to those who wait.

Once upon a time. . .

~ ~ ~ ~ when we were young and trying to fill our first home with furnishings . . .

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ the budget was low . . . very low.

We saved and saved to buy an Ethan Allen breakfast table.

Finally, got the $225 together for a table and 4 chairs.

Back then it felt like $2,025.00.

I had my eye on one more piece to complete the area . . .

~ ~ but it was out of the question . . . out of the budget. I never forgot that piece.

Until a couple weekends ago . . . when I went to an estate sale.

And what did I see????…..


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