Discovering A Sentimental Treasure

The other day, I was looking for a particular item…

Could not find it…

Then I thought to look in the drawer that is underneath the oven.

It wasn’t there either…however…I found something that I forgot I had.


A platter that my mom gave me years and years ago…

To place the turkey on .. for my very first Thanksgiving that I hosted.


Thanksgiving dinner was always at my mom’s house….then eventually hosted at my sister’s home.

But on that particular year….many years ago…I hosted it for my family.

I told my mom that I did not have a platter large enough…she said she had the perfect platter…

…..for the very first turkey that I was to make.

I placed the platter on the stove hood….but it looked too plain


I looked in my stash of faux greenery…I had the perfect stem of greenery.

I cut each branch off from the main stem and formed it into a circle using floral wire.


I prefer using faux florals and greenery by Raz or Regency…for the quality.

I was fortunate to get this stem for 75% off … cost of stem originally $7.00 … final cost, $1.75 🙂


The wreath was just the thing to enhance my “platter of memories”


I hope you all have a wonderful weekend…I will be spending time enjoying the view…


Tweaking things here and there…


Looking for more fabrics…


Creating new vignettes….


And spending time with this “cutie”…

Have a wonderful, wonderful weekend making beautiful memories!!