A Year In Flowers

Happy New Year Dear Readers!

I hope that you all had a most wonderful Christmas and celebration welcoming in the New Year.

To start off the New Year, I thought I would go back and present the many floral arrangements

that I had the pleasure of creating.

I love creating pretty floral arrangements which led me to create Floral Fridays

and then I thought, what better than to add more friends to offer their beautiful

talents of floral arranging … and now it has become Monday Morning Blooms.

It just keeps getting better! …. So for now, I would love to show you my many

floral arrangements that I have created in 2018. From the casual to the more elegant.

This arrangement was a “Kopy Kat” from the cover of a Southern Lady Magazine.

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An Early Summer Sunroom Refresh

It all started with a pillow, then another, then more pillows . . .

isn’t that always the case in most circumstances?

You see a pillow that speaks to you. Then you know just where to put it,

thus the beginning of a room refresh and the shuffling of items around the house.

You take one piece from one room . . . place it in another . . .

then you seek another piece to replace the piece you took away.

And so on and so on.

The pillow(s) landed in the sunroom and so An Early Summer Sunroom Refresh began.

Sunroom-Housepitality Designs-6

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My Soulful Home, A Year in Flowers and a Great Giveaway

Hello friends!

If you do not already know her, I want to introduce you to my friend Kelly.

I am doing cartwheels across the floor (yes, I can still do them!)

as I am so excited that Kelly has written a beautiful book on one of her passions . . flowers!

So today, I present, My Soulful Home, A Year in Flowers and a Great Giveaway!


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A Mother’s Day Letter, A Tribute to My Mom with Balsam Hill

Years ago, as Mother’s Day was approaching,

I was thinking about my Grandmother . . . my mother’s mother.

I never met her. She passed away when my mom was just 16 years old.

I have always dreamed about how it would be like, to have spent time with her,

to have her tell me stories of my mom, when she was a young girl.

So I sat down one day and wrote her a letter.

A Mother’s Day letter, a tribute to my mom.

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April Showers Bring May Flowers And The Gorgeous Floral Arrangements at {Adamsleigh}

Mother Nature has been kind to the flowers lately..

…..with the tremendous rains many of us have been experiencing.

After the heavy rains stopped today I was able to snap a picture of one of my Irises that are just now blooming.


The drops of rain are so pretty on the Iris.

I was drawn to the beautiful colors of this Iris many years ago.


Here is a peek of the Irises from the front porch…

I will get a better pic of them when they have not been beaten down from the rain!!


Even though we sometimes complain of the inconvenience of all the rain…

…..the flowers are doing their happy dance…thus making us happy!


So many beautiful signs of Spring and I cannot wait to plant more flowers in our empty flower beds.

And speaking of flowers….

I visited the Junior League/Traditional Home Showcase Home (Adamsleigh)..in Greensboro, NC again…

…..the first time I went with fellow bloggers/friends which was part of one of the High Point Market events.

This time I went another group friends…the house was so beautiful that I wanted to see it again.


Sherri and Dolores…Sherri matched the drapes…


My friend (visiting from Colorado) Linda and I…

At this visit, I really took notice of the gorgeous silk arrangements throughout the house.


The quality of the silks really made you look twice to see if they were real.


All of the arrangements were impeccably designed for each room.


There were arrangements of strong, bold colors and those with soft muted colors as this one.


We found ourselves touching the flowers and seeing if they were indeed real…

…..however, they were magnificent faux blooms.


Each arrangement were in exquisite containers…and they often were paired with beautiful decorating books.

The docent said that this was Amelia Earhart’s favorite room….

…..yes, she was a guest in this magnificent mansion of 15,000 square feet.

This home is for sale and I heard that there were a few offers…and of course one of them mine. 🙂


There were many fabulous orchids…all faux.


This happened to be a real orchid placed in this beautiful vignette.


A faux orchid on the table in the sunroom.


Obviously this is not a floral arrangement, but had to show you this fabulous clamshell that they filled with magazines.


There were gorgeous blue and white porcelain throughout the house…

…..again, I just love the pairings of the floral arrangements and books…Dolores and Linda admiring it too.


This vignette was one of my favorites with those globes…faux floral branches simply placed in a glass cylinder.


This is the main living room in the house…more of the magnificent blue and white porcelain.


This sitting room was sponsored by Thibault…such a happy room.


I do not know who had created all of these arrangements throughout the house, but they were just perfect for each room.


This sitting room was right off the kitchen…


The breakfast area located in the kitchen.


This huge bowl of oranges looked so fantastic on the stove…hmmm, do I really need to use all 4 burners?


I found this arrangement and vase a little “funny”..like the “ladies” are closing their eyes and blushing…


This mantel was amazing…it just sparkled!!


The simple orchid is perfect on this table…

…..I love this picture of Jackie who looked so beautiful and happy before tragedy struck her and our nation.


A simple arrangement of faux roses in a beautiful silver teapot on the writing desk.


And even the most exquisite of homes has burlap decor…I love this skirted table with a simple boxwood arrangement.


This is another arrangement that I had to touch to see if it was real…


…..I loved how they incorporated the pods into this arrangement.


A stone planter of greenery embellishes this pretty vanity.


Who can resist this vase of faux gladiolas placed in front of that stunning mirror.


The arrangement on the stairwell table was actually a real tree with embellishments of ferns…

…..smile ladies!


A simple arrangement of a mix of hydrangeas…


And I leave you with showing you again, one of my favorite arrangements in the house…

…..I truly love the colors and how it was impeccably created to coordinate with the drapes.

So Mr. Nate Berkus…who says that you cannot use faux florals in the house?!!..

…..and believe me…I am such a Nate Berkus fan.

As these arrangements were carefully created for the spectacular designer rooms, such as Suzanne Kasler, Eric Cohler, Thibault, Scalamandre, and the list goes on….

Now, I must say that they need to be quality silks…the ones you have to touch to see if they are real or faux.

Hope you enjoyed these gorgeous floral arrangements that were in this incredible home called Adamsleigh in Greensboro, N.C.

So, what say you??..are you a faux flower person?

Have a wonderful day surrounded by the beauty of flowers, faux or real!!