Fall Foyer Antique French Buffet Vignette

It was time to “fall-i-fy” the foyer.

So what do I do? . . . Do I try to keep with the theme this year of keeping it simple?

Well I tried. Tried to keep most of the items that were already on the antique french buffet

and just embellish with a some touches of Fall.

Ironstone Foot Bath - Housepitality Designs

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Love at first sight ~ The 2015 Southern Living Idea Home Part Two

You know that love at first sight moment,

whether it be an inanimate object or a human being.

Well on this day, it was this home for me. The 2015 Southern Living Idea Home.

2015 Southern Living Idea House

It had me at the copper lantern hanging on the front porch and entering the home and seeing

straight through to the gorgeous landscape of the valleys of the beautiful farmland.

2015 Southern Living Idea House-Housepitality Designs

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How To Dress Up A Slipcover

A little while a ago Decor Steals’ Steal of the Day was a chair seat slipcover.

It was love at first sight, purchased it right away,

and I knew exactly then what I wanted to do with it.

I placed it on the chair; however, me being me, decided to embellish it a bit.

I looked to see what I had on hand and came up with a wired ribbon in a cheetah pattern.

Chair Slipcover-Housepitality Designs

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How I Styled a 12 Foot High Ledge

A reader noticed an outlet above the front door that is on a ledge wall . . .

and wondered what I used it for.

I had the builder place an outlet on that ledge for placing lighted Christmas decor on that ledge.

However, other than previous Christmas decor the ledge has been empty.

I just never found the right things to place up there that wouldn’t seem lost . . .

as the ceilings in this room are 24 feet high.

Until this weekend . . .

Great Room-Housepitality Designs

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My Favorite Dance, The Furniture Shuffle

Do you remember the Macarena? . . . Well, I was doing the Furniture Shuffle to the tune of the Macarena!

OK . . . do you now have that song in your head . . . waving your arms and shaking your hips?

My sister Chrissy is a great dancer and dances the Macarena very well. Happy Birthday Chrissy! 🙂

But I must say that I can outdo her on the Furniture Shuffle! 🙂

Well, I was raising my arms and shaking my hips as I carried furniture across the room . . . Hey Macarena!!

If you remember a little bit ago, I polled my readers as to what look they preferred in this space.

Overwhelmingly, you preferred what I preferred, the bench. Hubby had a vote too. He always has a vote!

Antique Bench - Housepitality Designs

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Birds in the Foyer

I think I am in the minority….

…..of people who are still taking down the Christmas decorations.

Seriously, I really need to ramp it up….stay up late and get it done…

I did clear the foyer table and foyer of all things Christmas.

Using some “Wintery Christmas items” and accessories on hand…

…..I set out to create a winter vignette on the foyer table.

And of course, the day that I finish this vignette…is a rainy, gloomy day!


So the pics are a bit darker than I planned on…

I placed some faux birch branches in the demijohn..

…..along with a moss covered branch with bird nests.




These birds obviously did not fly “South” for the winter….




But then again…This Florida girl keeps forgetting that NC is part of the South!


I thought that since cotton also reminds me of “balls of snow”…

…..I incorporated it into the evergreen.



I purchased the container of moss from Kristen of Sophia’s Decor

…..she has a booth at SuzAnna’s in Raleigh.


As I clear tables, etc of Christmas decor…

…..I am rearranging accessories…many times from one room to another…

I think that is keeping my “sanity” … a nice break from boxing up the decorations.




I am off to put away more Christmas decorations…

…..so I can move forward on to many projects ahead…

……….like this one that just arrived.

8 boxes of “happy”…

I say happy, as “hubby” is putting it all together…


But first….the room needs to be painted too!


So I and my feathered friends thank you for stopping by….


Have a wonderful day!!!

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Deck the Foyer

Today, I am featuring my foyer….

…..although you will only see one side of it as the large tree is not up yet.

This year, I tried to incorporate a lighter color palette…

…..rather than the traditional red and green that I used the foyer in previous years.


How can I describe the “theme”…maybe a Southern Woodland Theme…

…..is there such a theme…did I just make that up?

This owl was on my mantel last year…


This year he is comfortably perched on a bed of cotton atop a candlestick…

…..and his friend perched below.



I have added my cotton to lend to the “Southern feel”….


and added “sparkly evergreen” picks to the sconces…


Lighted twigs are placed in the white vase…




I added evergreen and white poinsettia floral picks at the base of the candlesticks…




I had won a Christmas decorating contest last year and received some beautiful ribbon…

…..resembling birch bark.

I decided to wrap packages with this beautiful ribbon…

…..and use cotton to make “bows”

Great idea if I say so myself!!! 🙂





I wrapped more packages with craft paper and the birch bark ribbon…

…..and placed them in a basket under the table.



So, that is the one side of my foyer decked for the holidays…

…..hope you enjoyed it!!!

So what did you think of my “cotton bow”???

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The most beautiful sales office you will ever see…{The Villages}

Last week, we traveled to Florida…

…..to “Florida’s Friendliest Hometown, the Villages”.

My hubby had a tournament there.

I used to live about 30 minutes north of The Villages…so I know how wonderful that place is!

I could live in their sales office…it is the most awesome and beautiful sales offices you will ever see!

So the nice people of the Villages let me click away…so that I can share these beautiful rooms with you!

The houses in the Square are fashioned after coastal towns such as Appalachacola, Florida…

….a team of designers visited some coastal towns to get a feel for their next project.

And this town square of Sumter Landing depicts a coastal town feel.


You will see thousands of custom golf carts such as this one throughout the Villages..

…..golf carts are the main mode of transportation throughout this beautiful place.



The front porches to the office are beautiful and enormous…





Love the way they embellished a simple trellis.


So many wonderful places to sit and visit…


Now let’s go inside…


The Entry Foyer…



The Library…


This is my favorite room…

…..which has my favorite poem from Ralph Waldo Emerson stenciled on the walls.


Please keep in mind..that these rooms are rooms that salespeople meet prospective buyers.

I was there early that morning…there were just a few people sitting at tables in the rooms..


You can see in the next pic a table with 4 chairs…one of many sets throughout the rooms..

…..to sit and meet with prospective buyers.



The ceiling treatments in each room are stunning.





My son wrote Emerson’s words in a card…for “dad”…saying that this poem says it all…

…..that he felt it represented him exactly. My hubby treasures that card to this day.




And now to “The Parlor”



You can enjoy seeing many beautiful antiques throughout the “sales office”…



The “Hunt Room”


What’s a “Hunt Room” without the “prized deer”



The other side of the room is beautiful, but there were people there meeting with a salesperson…


And now to the “Music Room”




There is a grand piano in the corner..rooms are dimly lit..so hard to see…


It is a beautiful friendly place…a city of its own…where there is not a frown in sight…

…..where people are always happy…



And where my hubby can play competitive softball 365 days a year…..someday!!!


And where there are beautiful sun rises…A view from the balcony of the hotel where we were staying…




I hope you enjoyed the “very mini” tour of Florida’s Friendliest Hometown….

…..where you can get anywhere with a golf cart..

……….even lots of major department stores, grocery stores, restaurants, and the list goes on…

There is still time to enter my book giveaway of Marian Parsons’ aka, “Miss Mustard Seed” book, Inspired You.

Giveaway ends at midnight October 31st, 2012.

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So where did you place the stained glass window?….

After the antique wood and iron shutters were mounted above the mantel….

…..the question presented by many was….

So where did you place the stained glass window that was over the mantel?

So here is the before:


And here is the after of the mantel with the new antique iron and wood shutters:


Here is the foyer before:


And here is where the stained glass found its new home….


The mirror over the table has been relocated….

…..you know, that domino/snowball effect.

You put one new thing on the wall and you have to move many other items!!…

In my case, I also had to move a couple of pieces of furniture.


So is this what they call Zero Dollars Decorating?


I had a lamp on that table and it just did not go with the stained glass….

…..it actually was too large and covered most of the bottom portion of the stained glass.

So off it went to another space.

I replaced it with a trio of Pottery Barn Champagne Mercury Glass candle holders.

I added a square Portmeirion plate…




The plates on the sconces had to be changed out too….the domino effect again…

So I placed my Jadite plate and bowl on the sconce…and added a dried hydrangea bloom.



I like the change…..

…..as I really like the other changes that I had to make….Oh, Dom – min – O…..

As I was moving things around…

…..my hubby kept singing that song…Oh…ah…oh…Dom – min – O…



I hope you liked my “re-design”….the Part One of the Domino Effect…

And I would like to add a great big THANK YOU!!!…and a shout out to Susan from Between Naps on the Porch….

…..as I won the $100 Gift Card from Old Time Pottery!…..

Great timing for some great Christmas decor shopping!!….Thanks again Susan!!!


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A Foyer Makeover

I did it!!…I finally did it..

….Another major milestone for me….not much for most bloggers out there…

………but for me, I finally completed my first painted furniture project.

I must say, it was fun…and scary at the same time….

….For I was painting a piece that I have had for a very long time…a piece that was about 100 years old….


From the pic, it looks in pretty good shape…but the top was truly not great…lots of deep scratches and burn marks
from the previous owner…this piece was purchased from an elderly woman who said it has been in her family for a long
time…this person was 85 at the time I purchased it 20 years ago for $50, along with 2 side chairs..such a bargain!

It is a Wisconsin Slider…a table that slides out to seat 12….


All these years I kept a dresser scarf over it to hide the scratches and burn marks…could not be refinished as the
top is veneer….


The table has beautiful carved legs…


So here I go…painting away…


and away….


and then distressed…


and distressed…A totally different look..


This is the foyer before….


And this is after…

Replaced the secretary and added the table, mirror and one more chair…
The mirror I painted a while ago…it is a mirror that I had since childhood…


Come on in….



I found this lamp at HomeGoods a couple of months ago…waiting to place it on the “new table”….


From across the room…


Some carving detail…The foyer rug from Pottery Barn on clearance 🙂





Caught a little rainbow…my room is a multitude of rainbows in the morning…reflections from the swarovski crystals
hanging in the windows….


and another “magical rainbow”…


Next project…to paint that darn a/c return!!…You can see where the secretary landed in the background…the linen chest was relocated to our bedroom…(that’s another future post)….


The mirror that was my very first attempt at the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint….





I am showing this image again…for MAYBE in a short while, this wall may change…

I told my hubby about these shutters I found…he went to see them and was smitten…so here is a sneak peek…



Hope you enjoyed my new foyer makeover!!

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