Wish Upon A Star and Your Dreams Will Come True

Have you ever wished upon a star?

Is gazing up to the beautiful night sky and wishing upon a star the same as

gazing up to the heavens and saying a prayer. I think so.

As long as I can remember, I always loved decorating.

I would sit quietly on a sofa of my parent’s friends home, being a well behaved girl

along with my siblings and gaze at the room,

thinking how the room would look so much better with things in different places.

I never had the opportunity in my early years for formal education/training in Interior Design . . .

just wasn’t in the cards . . . my destiny at that time. . .

but I held the love for decorating close to my heart.

As the years went by, it was time to pursue that dream.

My wish upon a star . . . . . and one of those wishes came true!

French Country Style Magazine 2015-Housepitality Designs

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French Wine Bottle Picnic Basket and The French Country Style Magazine

Hope everyone had a most wonderful Easter! . .

We had our traditional Easter Egg Hunt . . .

~ ~ and I promised my granddaughter that we will have a “re-play” with her friends.

Easter 2014

I have been busy “fluffing the house” for an upcoming event . . .

~ ~ that I can tell you all about on Wednesday.. .

~ ~ ~ ~ and bringing in more of my French finds into the decor . .

French Wine Picnic Carrier

A French Wine Bottle Picnic Basket

French Wine Picnic Carrier

French Wine Picnic Carrier

I placed a plant in the area where possibly a plate of fruits and cheeses would go . .

I have never seen a basket like this before and glad I purchased it.

French Copper Pots

And finally hung these two copper pots that I also bought in France.

And now . . . I want to give a big shout out and congratulations . . .

~ ~ to my dear friend Kim (Savvy Southern Style) for this:


She got the cover!!!! . . .

And I have to mention that my friend Linda made that pillow on the chair!!

~ ~ so her pillow is famous too!

I could not wait to get my copy of the magazine . . I bought several! 🙂

Country French Style Magazine

They nailed the Title . . Effortless Elegance is right!

I remember the day when Kim bought this gorgeous piece…

~ ~ we were at Queen of Hearts when she spotted this . . love at first sight!

We could hear the choir of angels sing, “Take me home Kim” . . and she did!!

French Country Style Magazine

French Country Style Magazine

And her “famous” sunroom . . .

French Country Style Magazine

As you can see and many of you know, Kim’s home is elegant, yet so cozy and warm…

There are many, many gorgeous homes featured this issue…a must, must to buy!!!

Have a most beautiful day!!!