Beyond the Doors

They say it is always good to have a second pair of eyes.

Eyes that see differently ….. from a different perspective.

This is exactly what happened the day of the photo shoot

by ShowSpaces Photography.

I noticed the photographer kept opening doors. Hmmm, I thought, for more light?

The photographer stated that you need to see what is beyond the doors.

Dining room-Housepitality Designs

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French Door Love. What Were We Thinking?

As my hubby and I pour over house plans with one in particular,

we discovered that we definitely are not only downsizing in square footage,

but downsizing in the amount of windows and french doors.

We have French door love. What were we thinking?

Yes, what were we thinking when we installed 7 sets of french doors in this house.

We were thinking that they bring in so much light and are just beautiful.

Great Room-Housepitality Designs

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The Magnificent Doors of Normandy

I have a “thing”…and obsession for doors and gates….can you tell?!!

…..I so love Charleston, South Carolina…to swoon over the incredible ironwork of their doors and gates.

When I traveled to France with the “Fab Five”…

I was so excited while driving through the street of Paris…gazing at the glorious ironwork…

…..I think our host/guide/antiquities extraordinaire, Alain, thought I was crazy snapping away…

……….through the window of the “tour mobile”

………………….taking pictures of the incredible ironwork on the buildings.

Today…I am presenting the magnificent doors that I saw in Normandy…


Some were stained….


Some were extremely grand and ornate…and some were simple, yet elegant…



And others beautifully painted….


If I had a some tools and no fear of being arrested….I would have taken this beauty home!

We here in the States have a love affair with old doors…..

…..your heart would have been skipping many beats over these doors of sheer beauty.


O.K…I need a defibrillator on this one!!


You would think this is a hotel…no, it is the Town Hall.


Doors of wonderful brick buildings….


Doors of the beautiful tudor buildings…


Doors of grand stone buildings…


A door of a magnificent French Farmhouse


And doors to welcome me home!!!

When I see an old magnificent door…one that is hundreds and maybe centuries years old…

…..I cannot help but think of all the people who have walked through those doors.