How To Organize A Garage

Today, you will see many tips on ways to organize your home from these lovely ladies . .

~ ~ that are sharing their “tips of the trade” to organize, along with me.

The other day I shared some of my tips . .

I want to introduce to you the Guru of Organization in my home . .

~ ~ and believe me, my family and friends will attest to that.

So welcome to his domain ~ ~ his “world” as my granddaughter refers to the garage.

Our Garage ~ ~ a two car garage, yet the space is more like a 3 car garage . .

~ ~ with wood garage doors ~ ~ pretty, but they do need to be maintained more often.

Welcome to “our garage” or should I say “the hubby’s world” . .

A place where you will see cabinetry and table tops by Craftsmen, Gladiator components..

~ ~ lots of bins with labels and pegboard and an area designated for his “workouts” . .

So where do I begin . .

How about the area where he starts off his day at 5:30am .. the “workout” area . .

This workout area is designated by the area carpet . .

~ ~ I actually love walking on the carpet before entering the house from the garage.

And here is the garage version of “chair rail” . . A Gladiator garage system component.

You will find this “chair rail” all around the garage.

The rail has accessories to accommodate anything from hooks to baskets.

Always wanted a “mudroom” but this bench will have to suffice . .

Taking you around the corner from the workout area.

There is metal shelving in the shape of an “L” . .

~ ~ pegboard added to this side to hang ladders and such.

On the other side of the metal shelf that has the pegboard where the ladders are . .

~ ~ is an area where he stores his sports equipment/clothing.

He created a clothing rod within the metal shelving unit.

Now on the the bank of cabinetry and work table area. .

The Craftsman wall mounting system enables you to place baskets, hooks, etc..

~ ~ to hang in the grooves.

A hook to hold his glasses !!

There is even a device to hold paper towels…

A place for everything and everything in its place..

He loves to label things!

More labeling. .

There are only 2 people in this household and we have 4 bikes (only one is mine!) . .

~ ~ they are hung from the Gladiator “rail” system.

In the foreground is his “hit away” for batting is bolted to the floor.

More pegboard to hold yard/garden equipment.

On the left is the area where we store our recycle bins and garbage can.

In between the garage doors hangs the “car wash bucket/cleaners” .. on the “chair rail system”

We removed most of the fans in the house and they ended up here. I call it the “wind farm”

~ ~ keeps the area cool in the summer . . did you notice the speaker?

He made certain that the whole house stereo system also was in the garage!

The TV in there also gives him creature comforts of home! But you need ESPN while working out!

A shelf above the garage doors holds the coolers and another large ladder.

Thanks so much for visiting and taking a tour of my “hubby’s world” . .

Oh and the ONLY piece of exercise equipment that I use in the workout area is my hula hoop!!

And remember that I told you in my last post that I will share another idea . .

~ ~ of what I use those Ikea slide out trash bin holders for? . .

The water bottles fit perfectly in them!

And just to show you that our cars fit perfectly in the garage too!!!

Have a wonderful day!!!

(Note: this is not a sponsored post, all opinions expressed here are entirely my own)

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