My Garage Created by a Master Organizer

Hello Dear Readers.

I did not want to say anything, so I would not “jinx” things, but I will, so here goes:

We have a contract on our house . . . of course nothing is set in stone until the due diligence

is complete.  I must say that it is truly soooo bittersweet.  My hubby always says,

once we get the house to where we want it (well that is sorta not true)

we sell and build another one!

He is going to miss his garage . . . my highest viewed post! . . . go figure.

So today, we shall re-visit the area that he will truly miss but has plans on the new one!

My Garage by a Master Organizer.

Master organizer, yes, that’s him . . . my hubby.

Someone who is precise in every way.

He even folds his clothes before putting them in the hamper.

He states that folding them keeps the hamper neat and you can put more clothes in it that way. 

Me organize? . . . no need to as I have a resident organizer.

Garage Organization-Housepitality Designs

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French Door Love. What Were We Thinking?

As my hubby and I pour over house plans with one in particular,

we discovered that we definitely are not only downsizing in square footage,

but downsizing in the amount of windows and french doors.

We have French door love. What were we thinking?

Yes, what were we thinking when we installed 7 sets of french doors in this house.

We were thinking that they bring in so much light and are just beautiful.

Great Room-Housepitality Designs

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