What Would You Do and a Reminder

We met with our builder today.

Spent much time tweaking the plans and trying to figure out

how to make the other bathrooms larger.

I am so used to very spacious bathrooms. All of my bathrooms have enough space

for a chair and a piece of furniture! But alas, I have to remember I am downsizing!!!

I wanted each bedroom to have it’s own bathroom, but that means smaller bathrooms,

with the exception of the master bathroom.

I can have separate bathrooms with each having  one sink, not two as they are here.

OR, I can combine the bathrooms to make one large one, and the two bedrooms

would have to share!

So….what would you do? …. and please read down to the bottom of the post for a Reminder

of a great giveaway!.

Below is the Master Bathroom….

Master Bathroom-Housepitality Designs

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More Rooms I Not Often Show You

I have been working on a a little project and trying to work it in-between

my scheduled activities and a day trip here and there.

So that post will have to be next week. But in the meantime,

can there be more rooms I not often show you? The answer is yes!

Now where shall I start?

Media Room-Housepitality Designs

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How to Create a Guest Bath Concierge

How to create a guest bath concierge?

why you use the Lady Baltimore, an NQV (Not Quite Vintage) overnight vanity suitcase/train case.

It was something that I always wanted as a child.

You know, for those sleepovers.

However, I never had one and usually placed my clothes in a tote bag

that was most likely made by my mom.

Guest Bath-Housepitality Designs

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