Fall Flower Tablescape with MacKenzie-Childs

Hello Dear Readers!

Happy Monday and Happy Monday Morning Blooms!

I have been busy creating two tablescapes

to present to you this week.  I decided to create a

Fall Flower Tablescape with Mackenzie-Childs

today,  joining  my flower adoring friends,

Lidy, Mary and Pam.  As always, our goal is to

bring you floral inspiration and to place a smile on your face!

You will find my flower adoring friends’  links to their

beautiful posts  at the end of this  post.



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Flowers for the Dining Room Reveal

Hello Dear Readers . . . Happy Monday!

It’s Monday Morning Blooms Day and I

also thought that I would present my

Dining Room Reveal since the floral centerpiece

was created for the dining room table.

Join me and my amazing Monday Morning Blooms

friends, Lidy, Mary and Pam as we present another

rendition of our “Anything Goes” theme.

The links to their posts are located

below their beautiful images at the

end of this post.

I bring you, Flowers for the Dining Room Reveal



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Hickory Cottage Guest Room Reveal

Hello Dear Readers!

I thought that it was time to show you

more of the Guest Room. It is probably

one of the few rooms that is somewhat complete

with the exception of the window treatments

and one piece of art that is waiting

to be framed.

The windows are wide open so controlling

the light was difficult.

Welcome to the Hickory Cottage Guest Room!



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Hickory Cottage Front Porch Reveal

Hello Dear Readers!

Happy Monday!

Today, is Monday Morning Blooms

and I, along with my flower loving

friends are here to hopefully

put some happy in your

day with our flower inspiration.

Due to the difficulty of obtaining

and leaving the home to obtain

fresh flowers these days, we decided

that our common theme today would be

“anything goes” !! … and I did just that!

Today, you will see the

Hickory Cottage Front Porch Reveal


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The Hickory Cottage Sunroom Reveal (for now)

Hello Dear Readers!

I have been up to my eyeballs in boxes and

packing paper (still) and trying my best to work

with one room at a time; however, it has

been a bit difficult as there are still

many boxes that need to be unpacked.

I worked on the sunroom.

You could not see the floor as it was truly

covered with furniture, boxes, and orphaned

accessories. However, I got through it!

The Hickory Cottage Sunroom (for now)



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Hickory Cottage Update of Kitchen, Sunroom and Lighting

Hello Dear Readers!

I have a bit of an update for you.

I wish I had updates of the

exterior of the house; however,

it’s been raining so much

that we have not been able

to pour any concrete for the driveway;

thus also not being able

to get started on the landscaping.

So today I shall show you the

Hickory Cottage Update of Kitchen,

Sunroom and Lighting.



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Master Bedroom and Closet Hickory Cottage Update

Hello Dear Readers!

As I stated in my last post,

I have a little Master Bedroom and Closet

Hickory Cottage Update for you.

This week, there is not a lot happening

at the cottage EXCEPT for the floors

The floors are being sanded and stained.

We were told that it would take a little

over a week to complete as the entire first floor

is all wood. No carpet in the house,

except for my hubby’s office and exercise room

which is the bonus room above the garage.

So I hope to bring you the finished floors soon.



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The “Plum Crazy” Fall Porch and Hickory Cottage Update

Hello Dear Readers!!!

I have a soft spot in my heart about the last Fall Porch

that I created in my former house.

However, I look forward to “going crazy”

on the Fall porch next year at Hickory Cottage!

I was  attracted to the beautiful Berry colors that Fall.

The shades of purple and plum have been seen

throughout the house for Fall that  year.

It was fitting that I go “plum crazy” on the porch too.

So here is The “Plum Crazy Fall Porch

and Hickory Cottage update!


Fall Porch 2017-HousepitalityDesigns


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Hickory Cottage Update Part 5 and Taking a Break

Hello Dear Readers!

Hope you are having a fabulous week!

Things are moving along at Hickory Cottage.

They started placing the shingles on the roof

and once the roof is complete, they will be starting

more work on the interior.

But first, let me show you another treasure I found

at the consignment shop, Always Home in Durham, N.C.



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Hickory Cottage Update Part 4 and an Estate Sale Find

Hello Dear Readers!

Hope you had a most wonderful week and weekend.

Mine has been very busy with the house

and a tournament thrown in last week too.

I did manage to get to a most amazing estate sale

this past Saturday.

Today we have the Hickory Cottage Update Part 4

and an estate sale find.


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