Hickory Cottage Update Part 3 and Consignment Find

Hello Dear Readers!

Things have been moving along at Hickory Cottage.

That also means that I have been really busy

with so many selections/details for the house.

My main project this week is to do the final selections

for the kitchen and bathroom fixtures.

In the meantime, when in the neighborhood,

I visit my fav consignment shop for possible

pieces of furniture that I may need . I am still on the lookout

for a coffee table and some nightstands for my bedroom.

Here is what I found:



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Hickory Cottage Update Part 2 and Vacation Tidbits

Hello Dear Readers!

I am back from a 9 Day whirlwind vacation.

We covered lots of sights and states and had a fabulous time.

When we returned,  the house had really come along.

Our builder is in full steam ahead mode….

so today it’s a Hickory Cottage Update Part 2 and Vacation Tidbits.

But first let’s start off with a few vacation photos.

I will have more pretty photos to present at a later time.


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