Reflections of Memorial Day {Honor Flight}

I would like to wish you all a most wonderful Memorial Day . . .

Some of us will be traveling . . . and some of us will be enjoying the long weekend at home.


As for me, I will be enjoying the weekend at home . .

Americana in Great Room

I will be very busy working on a large project. .

~ ~ and enjoying a visit from my sister and family from Florida.

Memoiral Day Tablescape

And also preparing for another round of company on Monday!

But most of all . . .

~ ~ I will be honoring and reflecting on the ones who served our country . . .

Americana in the Media Room

I must, at this time, give another shout out to my sister Betty Ann.

She was chosen to escort a 94 year old World War II Vet to Washington D.C. today. . .

~ ~ to the World War II Veterans Memorial…

It is under the program called “Honor Flight” . . .

She is so very honored to escort this wonderful 94 year old Veteran of the Navy.

Again, I am proud of her.

My Dad/World War II Veteran

Betty is also honored to be a part of this program to honor our father . . .

~ ~ A world War II (and Korean War) Veteran of the Army.

We miss him every day. . . he was a man of courage and integrity.

I encourage you all to look up the program, “Honor Flight”

It is an extremely wonderful program and deserves attention and our generosity.

May you all have a wonderful and safe Memorial Day Weekend . .

~ ~ honoring the brave men who served our country.