How To Organize Your Garage by a Master Organizer

Master organizer, yes, that’s him . . . my hubby.

Someone who is precise in every way.

He even folds his clothes before putting them in the hamper.

He states that folding them keeps the hamper neat and you can put more clothes in it that way. 

Me organize? . . . no need to as I have a resident organizer.

Garage Organization-Housepitality Designs

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A Taste of Old Florida {Florida Highwaymen Paintings}

I spent a week in Florida this month…

…..spending time with my mom and sisters, while hubby was working and then off to a Softball training camp.

My sister lives in North Central Florida…a place that reminds me of the book, The Yearling.

…..Old Florida they call it.


My friend Ruth’s parents had two paintings…

…..painted by Hezekiah Baker…a “Florida Highwaymen” Painter.


Here is a brief history of these artists from:

In the early 1950’s through the 1980’s a group of twenty-six African-American artists known as the “Florida Highwaymen” used vivid and bright colors to display the beautiful untouched Florida landscape. The Florida Highwaymen painted wind-bent palm trees, serene sunsets, churning oceans and bright red Poinciana trees. They painted from their garages and back yards on inexpensive Upson board and then on the weekends they would travel and sell their Highwaymen paintings to hotels, offices, businesses and individuals who appreciated the artwork for around $25 a piece.

Ruth’s father was downsizing and she acquired these paintings…

…..however, they did not fit in her “country decor”.

So my sister bought them and they fit so well in her “Old Florida” decor.


Aren’t they beautiful?!!..

Now this cabinet was where the organ is now…had to do a bit of rearranging to accommodate the organ.

A small curio was relocated to the dining room…oh that domino effect!



And what’s a Florida vignette without a great conch shell and red spiny coral…all real!!


My sister already had this great set of cranes…a perfect compliment to these paintings.



The frames are just plain moulding…painted white with brush strokes of gold…very simple.

Across the hall is an antique buffet…


We added the Ikea “lanternesque” container and filled it with Pottery Barn Shell potpourri…


Now why didn’t I pick up one of those pretties!…on my next Ikea visit!


The small curio landed in the dining room…we placed her Roseville lamp with that great shade…

…..along with her Roseville bowl and cute deer on the surface.



The next few pics are of a project that my brother in law’s FAA mechanic is working on:

He has a 1945’ish (I forgot) Piper Cub…along with a Cessna..


The green metal and wood frame are the wings that are being re-constructed..


A tedius process…

The next time I am there, I must show the rest of the hangar…as it also houses his man cave of a vintage pool table, a vintage coke machine, full bathroom…a real party place…the kids love it!..I swear the hangar is larger than the may be….

And also while I was in Florida…I was able to attend my nephew’s confirmation…The Bishop came up from Orlando…


Two handsome nephews they are!


There were well over 100 people confirmed that evening….

When I travel to see my family…there is always lots of activities in our large family! A good thing!

Have a wonderful weekend…and thanks for visiting!!!

Treasures found in Florida and a Sisters trip to {IKEA}

Last week I tagged along with my hubby on a business trip….

… of his clients was close to my sister’s home, also where my mom lives.

My sister took a couple of days off from her busy shop. Thanks to my other sister filling in for her.

We scoured the local antique shops and thrift stores….and this is some of what I found.


Hello my pretty…she was waiting for me on the shelf of my sister’s church thrift store…


Score!!…Wedgwood ironstone small covered dish for $3.00…

…..I couldn’t pick that little pretty up fast enough!!


It has a blip or two…but barely noticeable…and who cares for $3.00!!!


I love the pretty lid…


And the wonderful crazing…

As I move things about in my kitchen this week…

…..waiting for something to be delivered before I do a post….


For now..this pretty will find a home here…

At the same thrift store … I found this beauty…


Do you know what it is?…Well, other than the obvious…

I saw this and had my sister turn the chair around to verify it….

…..and my suspicions were right!!


It’s a Hitchcock signed chair…for $17.00. Score…twice!!…


I am not sure where this will land…but I have an idea…

On Saturday…the “four sisters” went shopping….to Ikea in Orlando…

… has been YEARS since all four of us went shopping together.

Ikea was never the same!!

My sister eyed this beauty and placed one in her cart.


This pretty tray…for $9.99..


It is a very light cream color….I picked it up…then thought about where I would use it…

…..I stood there….thinking….(I always do that!)….then I put it back….

……….thinking that it wouldn’t work in the area that I wanted to use it…


Then I saw it displayed in another area..and saw how pretty it was…so while my sister babysat my cart…

…..I raced back to get it!…and I am glad that I did.

We all had a great time at Ikea getting great things at great prices…


Like many pretty faux plants like this one (still practicing with my macro lens!)…

…..we headed to Cheesecake Factory at the Millenia Mall and like Ikea…the place will never be the same!

And I cannot believe that I did not have a picture taken of us!!…Having too much fun….uuggh!

I will end this post with another bargain…found at a major chain thrift store, The Salvation Army….

My sister and I looked at this item…thought it was a fantastic price at $195.00…but did not buy it.

When we went to the cashier, I discovered a sign that said, “Red tag items 50% off”…

Now, wait a minute, that piece had a red tag…we raced back…and my sister bought it for my mom!


A Baldwin Fun Machine Organ…for $100.00….scored again!

My mom played the organ as a child in Japan…she was so excited to be able to play again…


She stands proudly along side the organ…

She will be celebrating a birthday soon…88…which is a milestone birthday in the Japanese culture…

…..meaning double infinity!…she can still run circles around us…it is her happy attitude on life!


My brother in law had to pick up the organ the next day with his truck…

…..and in the meantime, my sister and I had to do some furniture and painting rearranging…

……….that post to come later.


And mom will be enjoying many hours playing…and relearning her tunes…

…..a good thing for “the brain and dexterity”…

Then my sister remembered that she had an antique metronome…go figure…and we placed it on the organ.



In the meantime…mom is always having fun…she opened her Valentine’s Day gift from my brother and sister in law..

…..they sent her Shari’s Berries…oh yumm…glad I was there when they arrived!


She immediately took off the ribbon/bow and put it on her head…she is such a goof!!..but goofy is good!



So my sister and I had a great thrifting day…and my mom was happy too!!


More to come on my Florida adventures…and my new adventure that I am soon to embark upon…

…..with the support and encouragement of family and friends, I am going to do something I have always wanted to do!

Stay tuned 🙂

Have a wonderful day and thanks for visiting!!!

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