Ironstone Pitchers of Summer – Floral Friday

Hello Dear Readers.

Welcome to another fabulous Floral Friday,

when I join my sweet Floral Friday friends, Lidy, Mary and Pam

to present fantastic floral inspiration for you to enjoy!

The links to these fabulous ladies’ floral creations are below their image

at the bottom of this post.

Hope you all had a most wonderful Independence Day . . . 

I am up to my elbows and beyond in moving and packing, so today I am

presenting one of my most favorite floral vignettes that I had presented to you

years ago for my Ironstone Pitchers of Summer – Floral Friday.

I believe it was George Bernard Shaw that said,

“Imitation is not just the sincerest form of flattery,

it is the sincerest form of learning.”

And that is what I did today . . . learn . . . from some of the best.

I did it again . . . I took a magazine cover 

of one of my most favorite magazines and I tweaked it for a summer vignette.

Hydrangea Vignette-Housepitality Designs-3

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Inspiration from a Magazine Cover

I love my shelter magazines.

As a teenager, I would forego buying a tube of lipstick and buy a House Beautiful or a

Better Homes and Gardens magazine instead.  It brought me hours of joy dreaming of interiors

I hoped to have someday.

I must admit, I am a magazine hoarder and keep special issues or boxes of a favorite magazine.

Ironstone Pitcher of Hydrangeas - Housepitality Designs

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A Vignette Created for Under $25

I feel as though now I am in an “in-between” stage in the house..

The house is pretty much decorated for Fall..

— however, I am beginning to drag out the many boxes of Christmas decorations.

I took away the pumpkin topiary and other fall decor..

— and came up with my “Vignette that costs under $25”

All items were from yard sales, estate sales.


Breakdown of items:

— Large ironstone pitcher at estate sale in Georgia — $10

— Each book was 50 cents at same estate sale.

— Small ironstone sugar bowl 50 cents at yard sale as it was missing its lid.

———-cotton (a gift from a friend who grew cotton last year)

—- Each wicker bottle was $4.00 at a yard sale in Tennessee.

— Bless This House sheet music $1.00 at the Liberty Antiques Show in N.C.

———-frame 50 cents at yard sale in Georgia.

— Postal scale a purchase many, many years ago at an antique shop in Florida for $2.00

Decorative bird had for years and cloche a gift..almost free.

Total: $24.50

Foyer Vignette

The gentleman at the yard sale was almost apologetic for this ironstone piece missing a lid..

— so he thought 50 cents was fair.. I was happy!

Foyer Table Vignette

Our friend did not plant cotton this year.. but I had a few stems left over from last year.

Foyer Table Vignette

Small demijohn purchased at a yard sale in Tennessee..

— the homeowner called it just an old wine bottle.

Foyer Table Vignette

Foyer Table Vignette

And he said, “hey if you like this one.. I have another one you can have for $4.00

— OK, you talked me into it!

Vintage sheet music for $1.00 .. it is actually a sheet music book!

Foyer Table Vignette

Foyer Table Vignette

All of these books were 50 cents each at an estate sale in Georgia.

Foyer Table Vignette

The ironstone pitcher, purchased at the same estate sale in Georgia..

— is the highest priced item on the table at $10.00

Foyer Table Vignette

Oh and this postal scale .. I actually had it in a yard sale box!..

— I thought I was not going to decorate so much with these vintage items..

———- so glad it did not sell!!!

It would have been on the list of items of seller’s remorse!

Foyer Table Vignette

Foyer Table Vignette

Thanks so much for visiting today..

— The foyer will be taking on a totally different look.

Once my buffet arrives from France!!!

Have a wonderful day!!

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