Kitchen Reveal

Hello Dear Readers!

Today I am finally revealing the kitchen.

I know, you are probably saying that it

is about time. You can’t believe how many times

I have arranged and re-arranged this area.

Not being totally satisfied with what I have done.

Until…my hubby mentioned that it was “too white”

Where’s the color that you love?

That was it … I needed to add more color.

So here we go … my Kitchen Reveal.

The Source List is at the bottom of this post.


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The Berry Patch Kitchen Reveal

Hello Dear Readers!

It’s not a bad kitchen at all, just a bit different than what I am used to.

Apparently, the husband of the couple that built

this house  totally designed the kitchen from the cabinetry

to the tile, to the granite, to the appliances, to the everything.

This kitchen design was definitely customized to the users (two work stations).

So here we go . . .


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