More Rooms I Not Often Show You

I have been working on a a little project and trying to work it in-between

my scheduled activities and a day trip here and there.

So that post will have to be next week. But in the meantime,

can there be more rooms I not often show you? The answer is yes!

Now where shall I start?

Media Room-Housepitality Designs

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A Furniture Shuffle for Staging and Simple Fall Touches

I have been  eliminating some small pieces of furniture in each room of the house

to gain a less cluttered, cleaner look, staging the house to place it on the market.

Some pieces of furniture were sent to storage and some danced to the Furniture Shuffle.

A furniture shuffle for staging and simple fall touches occurred in the Media Room.

While I am still tweaking this room, I thought I would show you

one side of the room today.

Media Room-Fall Decor-Housepitality Designs

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Vintage Chippiness

I wanted to have another table surface in the kitchenette of the Media room.

So what do you do? You shop the house and the attic too!

I remembered I had a painted vintage drop leaf table in the attic

that was left over from the antique booth days. I measured and it was perfect.

So down it came.

Vintage Screen Door - Housepitality Designs

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Christmas 2013 Media/Family Room

Welcome to my Media Room finally decorated for Christmas.

I made an effort to scale down the decor this year in this room.

Christmas 2013 Media Room

The Fireplace and TV..

Christmas 2013 Media Room

My motto this year ~ keep it simple and I think I did.

Christmas 2013 Media Room

The Santa on the left with my “clearance sale tree” and vintage iron star.

Christmas 2013 Media Room

The Santa on the right ~

Christmas 2013 Media Room

Christmas 2013 Media Room

Christmas 2013 Medi

Christmas 2013 Media Room

Christmas 2013 Media Room

The driftwood piece on the hearth embellished with gold pinecone ornaments.

Christmas 2013 Media Room

A view into our little kitchenette ~

Christmas 2013 Media Room

Christmas 2013 Media Room

A vignette on top of the pie safe

Christmas 2013 Media

The hubby had collected vintage Coca-Cola items..

Christmas 2013 Media Room

And this calendar is brought out every year..

Christmas 2013 Media Room

Christmas 2013 Media Room

Christmas 2013 Media Room

This Santa is very special ~ ~ it was given to me by my dear friend who passed away.

~ ~ Ruth and I called each other on Christmas day a few years ago and laughed so hard . .

~ ~ ~ ~ til we cried, as we gave each other the same Christmas gift!..

We have done that a couple of times in the past ~ I miss her laugh and her spirit.

Christmas 2013 Media Room

A tree that is left for my granddaughter to decorate for her own.

Christmas 2013 Media Room

A “little bird” to “watch over us”

Christmas 2013 Media Room

Christmas 2013 Media Room

My felted wool Santas that I made at Crafty Chicks a few years ago..

Christmas 2013 Media Room

Another one of my vintage quilted Santas ..

~ ~ really have to attend the McIntosh Fair in Florida again..they have fabulous vendors

~ ~ ~ ~ such as the vendor that makes these great Santas from vintage quilts.

Christmas 2013 Media Room

Christmas 2013 Me

Christmas 2013 Media Room

The tray on the ottoman dressed for the holidays..

Christmas 2013 Media Room

Another vignette

Christmas 2013 Media Room

I have several Nativity Sets, but this is my favorite . .

~ ~ handmade clay pieces from Guatemala.

I always had a 7 foot tree filled with my collection of Hallmark ornaments..

~ ~ but instead a small pine tree is in its place this year.

Christmas 2013 Media Room

Christmas 2013 Media Room

The tree sits atop these vintage picnic baskets.

Christmas 2013 Media Room

Placed my “Santa Moose” (a gift from my friend Linda as a remembrance of our Jackson Hole trip)..

~ ~ and a lantern.

Christmas 2013 Media Room

Thank you for bearing with me on this very long post ~

~ ~ trying to get these all done by the end of the week…

And on that note ~ ~

Christmas 2013 Media Room


I had a wonderful time last night with friends at our “Bunco/LCR Group” Annual Christmas Party.

~ ~ Brenda was the hostess with the mostest! ~ she is a fabulous cook!

~ ~ ~ ~ and has great taste in napkins!! ~ ~ my kind of napkins!!

Christmas Napkin

Have a wonderful day!

I am joining:

From My Front Porch to Yours for Treasure Hunt Thursday

Ever So Clever, Ever So Pretty Friday #17, A Treasured Project from Hometalk at Lucketts

I attended the Hometalk Meetup at the Lucketts Spring Market this year.

It was so great to meet so many wonderful fellow bloggers and Miriam from Hometalk.

Donna, from Funky Junk was demonstrating many DIY techniques..

I did one of these techniques with her..painted an old board using a make a sign.


Here is the sign that I stenciled…:)


Now I stayed away from the projects that required the use of power tools!!

Donna is such a pro.


This is the sign..waiting for the paint to dry!


I added two large iron dogwood knobs to the sign that I purchased from Black Dog Salvage

…..well, actually my hubby drilled the holes and placed them on the sign for me!!


I dry brushed them with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Old White.

Added a couple of Longaberger baskets…




I can honestly tell you that this room was rather dark when I was taking pictures…

… had to make major adjustments with the camera.


I felt this sign was so fitting for this room…filled with many vintage items.


So I thank you Donna and Miriam for allowing me to make this fabulous sign….

… it is Ever So Pretty…and Donna is Ever So Clever.

I hope you all had a safe and fun 4th of July holiday and I wish you a most wonderful weekend!!!