The Little Projects You Never Get Around To

For me, it is the little projects I never seem to get around to,

as I am thinking about the bigger projects that seem to make a bigger impact.

But these days, it is the little ones that I can tackle.

The little ones that frankly, I can handle with no lifting or major movement required.

It’s been a slow recovery process, but this too shall pass.

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A Great Way To End The Week

Happy Saturday everyone!

It certainly has been a hectic and eventful week for me.

The usual busy routines of daily life . . .

The snow events . . . loss of power . . .

and getting ready to host a dinner party with the loss of one day of prep due to no power,

not to mention the panic of the loss of all of the “dinner food” when the power went out.

But all’s well, that ends well.

As not one, but two lovely blogs featured me this week.

Wow, I wish I had seen this recipe before my dinner party planning!


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