No Chestnuts Roasting On An Open Fire

I wish I can say that there are

Chestnuts roasting on an open fire

and Jack Frost nipping at our noses.

No, not this year!

Great Room/Christmas 2015 - Housepitality Designs

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Decking the Halls

Decking the halls with boughs of holly .

Well, maybe just some little boughs in a vintage ironstone creamer for now.

The boughs clipped by my hubby from our holly trees,

to enhance a vignette with the traditional red and green.

Vintage Ironstone Christmas Vignette - Housepitality Designs

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Enhancing the Great Room with More Spring

Well, that did not last long . . .

I knew Peter and his friends would be a bit antsy staying in one place and they have moved on

to another area in which you will see soon. In the meantime, since the table looked a bit

empty after their departure, I created another Spring vignette.

Spring enhancements to the room are happening every day.

Spring Vignette-Housepitalty Designs

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Easily Transitioning from Christmas to a Winter Mantel

When I created my Christmas Mantel, I kept in mind that I want to be able to easily transition

it to Winter by making a few adjustments.

By doing this, this certainly created less work and a great segue into Winter.

Winter Mantel 2015-Housepitality Designs

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“To Paint or Not to Paint ~ That is the Question” The tale of an antique table

Lately, I have acquired quite a few pieces of furniture that someone no longer wanted.

One of those pieces is a little round table ~

~ ~ an ordinary type of table that I thought I would use after I painted it red!

But when I looked at it closely, I thought, “no, maybe not” . .

The wood was actually nice and I realized how old it was when I looked at the bottom of it..

~ ~ it has great patina and looked like it was handmade vs. machine made.

I can hear a voice come out of the crevices ~ ~ “don’t paint me ~ don’t paint me”

And ~ ~ I have been taught to respect “my elders” so I listened to that old table ~ ~

~ ~ and I put away the paint brush!

I swear I heard it say “thank you” 🙂

So now is sits happily between the loveseat and chair.

~ ~ the other table was moved over to the other side of the chair.

~ ~ ~ do you spy my Demi-john from France?

This is the only room that is completely devoid of Christmas decor..

Well, except for winter berry sprays I left in the hanging scale.

Thought it could pass for my “winter decor”

I think I have a bit of a “scale” thing going on in this room ~

I rescued the lantern from the back porch from the 9 degree weather ~ ~

~ ~ the lantern thanked me too!

The sunroom is still a work in progress ~ ~ adding and deleting things here and there.

The Demi-john is just sitting “quietly” in the room..waiting for its permanent place.

~ ~ and speaking of Demi-johns ~ WHAT IS THE ACTUAL CORRECT WAY TO SPELL IT?

I have seen it spelled in three different ways:

Demi-john ~ ~ demijohn ~ ~ demi john

So what say you? ~ How do you spell/write it?

Have a wonderful day!! ~ ~ and the table says so too!

A Holiday Getaway {The Decorated Back Porch}

When all of the holiday preps are done ~

~ ~ this is the place that I will retreat to.

To sip a cup of tea or a glass of wine.

I placed red and white Pottery Barn pillows that I already had ~

~ ~ along with my Williamsburg Pineapple pillows on the sofa and chairs.

A soldier/nutcracker stands sentry…

It’s a rainy day..but not cold ~ ~ for long that is.

I wish you “JOY” ~ ~

Have a wonderful day ~ ~ I am heading to the mall for some last minute gifts!

Ever So Clever, Ever So Pretty Friday, #8 {Porch Makeover}

Happy Friday everyone!

This week I am presenting my upper back porch area that was inspired by Kelly, from Eclectically Vintage.

When she posted about her new patio furniture last year, I headed to Home Depot to buy that beautiful patio set.

You can see the original post here.

Today, I present you with this year’s Spring Porch makeover.


It is not a large space, but very cozy and perfect for that early morning cup of coffee…

…..or a calm, relaxing space at the end of the day. is Kelly’s beautiful patio…


I just love her vintage slider too!!


I added floral pillows from Lowe’s Home Improvement.


I was eyeing these great Ikat pillows from Pottery Barn, but these were $13/ea compared to the Pottery Barn at $50/ea.

…..hopefully one day I can see the PB pillows on sale or at the outlet!


During the Spring, it is so nice to be able to see the flowering trees from the porch.





This is the view from the dining room..

…..the porch is accessible from the dining room, great room, and master bedroom…

……….three sets of french doors surround this porch.




One corner of the porch…I plan to mount this wall hanging on a canvas soon.


This corner has my favorite piece of patio furniture… tea cart.

My very favorite garden and gift center is being liquidated and sold and they started their sale yesterday.

…..I purchased the lantern and the burlap canvas art on sale.


The small Eugenia topiary is from Lowe’s, flower pot from HomeGoods….

…..the bird plate and birds were a gift from my granddaughter.



This burlap canvas lends to a pretty texture.


The armillary is new to the space…I purchased it from One Kings Lane several months ago.


The coffee table has two trays of the pretty “aluminum cane” that lift up for easy serving…

…..I love this owl (a gift from a friend) that goes so well the with turquoise flower pots.


I hope you enjoyed my 2013 Spring Porch…that was inspired by the talented Kelly of Eclectically Vintage.

Have a beautiful weekend!!

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Living Room Christmas Mantel

After a couple of days of working on the mantel…I finally finished..

… 10:30 that evening, I sat down on the sofa with my cup of tea…admiring my mantel…

……….then crash!!…the left tree toppled over, taking part of the garland with it.

I did not cry or curse.

I just took a deep breath and with the help of my hubby and “all the king’s men”..

… was secured and back together again. (oh that rhymed!)

So here is my living room mantel for this year…

…..another woodland type theme.


Two winter trees flanking each side of the mantel..

… is lit with led lights..

……….with owls and birds happily perched.


The mantel has an evergreen garland for the base…

…..and two holly berry twig garlands intertwined.

I placed my wooden monogram over a cotton wreath that I had made.




I hung ornaments beneath the garland…

…..I found ornaments that coordinated with the holly berry garland.






Pretty owls and birds frolic in the trees and garland….







When seeing this photo…I am inclined to say “Peace On Earth”


And the squirrel keeps coming back every season for a visit….


A view from the left side of the mantel….


So there you have it…my Living Room 2012 Christmas Mantel..


Hope you enjoyed it !!!

And if you would like to see my mantels from 2011…click here

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Summer Porch

I was on the lookout for 2 chairs for the porch…

I had this vision in mind…chairs that you could envision looking great outside…

…..with the feel of indoor furnishings.

I was reading a post of Kelly’s at Eclectically Vintage…

………………..I heard the chorus of the Angels…singing Hallelujah……you found them!


She wrote about walking into Home Depot to buy paint…

…..and there it was…the set she was searching hither and yonder for.

After a couple of emails between Kelly and I, Kelly informed me that the set was on sale…half price!!

………………..I heard the chorus of the Angels again…..singing Hallelujah..Hallelujah.


I just wanted two chairs…you can only buy this style in a set….

…..but for half price…it was a no brainer!!…


The original intention was to add 2 chairs to the front porch…but now I have a love seat and table as a bonus…

… hence, plans changed…

And enter the snowball effect…moving furniture all around the porches…

The best place was on the upper back porch…


Previously we just had a table and two chairs in that space…

Now, we can have “company” out there…to sit and enjoy wonderful conversation, wave to the golfers….

…..and yell at the deer eating my plants!


And my rusty, chippy table fit perfectly between the loveseat and chair…

…..I think that table is due for a new paint job!


And KariAnne…I’ve been spraying my ivy with dish soap…The winnebago has left the building….




Added a couple of Pottery Barn outdoor pillows for that punch of color…

PicMonkey Collage


The table had this vignette yesterday…

Today, I added the patriotic tin of sunflowers I used for my dinner group tablescape….


These are a few photos of the porch before:





So thanks Kelly..for your help in bringing new life to this porch!..

Hope you enjoyed this and would love to hear from you!

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