Christmas 2020 Home Tour

Merry Christmas Dear Friends!!

Well, you know that old saying,

“Better Late Than Never”

Time has surely flown by this

Christmas Season for me.

I quickly took some photos of the

house, so that I can share my Christmas Home

with you. Our first Christmas in the

Hickory Cottage!

So sit back and enjoy more photos

and less talk!

Christmas 2020 Home Tour


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The “Plum Crazy” Fall Porch and Hickory Cottage Update

Hello Dear Readers!!!

I have a soft spot in my heart about the last Fall Porch

that I created in my former house.

However, I look forward to “going crazy”

on the Fall porch next year at Hickory Cottage!

I was  attracted to the beautiful Berry colors that Fall.

The shades of purple and plum have been seen

throughout the house for Fall that  year.

It was fitting that I go “plum crazy” on the porch too.

So here is The “Plum Crazy Fall Porch

and Hickory Cottage update!


Fall Porch 2017-HousepitalityDesigns


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The Largest Laundry Room I’ve Ever Had

When my hubby and I were touring the Berry Patch House to possibly rent,

there was one room that was definitely larger than any of the rooms of that purpose

that I have ever had. I soon came to find out that the owners designed the laundry room

to have lots of shelving to use as a pantry as the kitchen has no pantry.

This was deliberate, as they required more space than a typical pantry would offer.

So today I present to you the laundry room of the Berry Patch House.

The Largest Laundry Room I’ve Ever Had!

Laundry Room-Housepitality Designs-2

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Rooms I Rarely Photograph, the Kitchen and Laundry Room

When the photographer working with the real estate company sent me the photos

of what she took of the house, I realized that I rarely photograph several

rooms of the house. So today I will present some of the rooms that I rarely photograph,

the kitchen and the laundry room.

There will be more soon!

I think the reason why I do not photograph these rooms as often,  

is that I am usually not happy with the lighting.

Lots of shadows bouncing all over, but I finally, finally,

ordered something that will come soon to alleviate that problem.

Kitchen-Housepitality Designs

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Laundry Room Treasures

Laundry Room treasures fill my laundry room to make it a more happy place

to do the dreaded chore of laundry.

A few months ago, I came across a pretty tole shelf in an antique shop in Strasburg, VA,

that I thought I could use in my granddaughter’s room.

However, we are going in a different direction in that room,

so the shelf would not work.

I love this shelf and was determined to find a place for it.

Laundry Room - Housepitality Designs

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HGTV 2016 Smart Home – Part 3 Great porches and more!

Did y’all see the HGTV 2016 Smart Home on TV? Yes, set in the great city of Raleigh, N.C.

I am a bit biased as I live in this beautiful area of North Carolina.

With shows such as the HGTV Smart Home, I not only watch it as it airs,

I also DVR it so that I can see it multiple times to take in every detail

missed the first time around!

I had the privilege of touring this home, studying every detail

with the expertise of the HGTV staff answering our many questions.

Today, I will present the remaining rooms in this home tour series of the porches, media room,

laundry room and more.

Let’s begin with one of the porches.

HGTV Smart Home 2016 Covered Porch

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An Antique Find for the Laundry Room

Well, it is not actually a “vintage laundry” find . . .

~ ~ however, it is something that I wanted to place in the laundry room . . .

~ ~ ~ ~ to showcase my “vintage laundry” items.


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A Room That “Laundry is a Pleasure” {Vintage Laundry Room}

My philosophy is that a room that’s designated for “daily chores” . . .

~ ~ should be happy and and a pleasure to be in . .

~ ~ ~ ~ well maybe, most of the time.

Laundry Room

Loved ones with dirty clothes!

Laundry Room

Laundry Room

Laundry Room

Laundry Room

When we relocated many years ago from Florida to NC . .

~ ~ I did not sell my vintage laundry items . . .

~ ~ ~ ~ knowing I wanted to keep a vintage look in my new laundry room.

Laundry Room

Laundry Room

Vintage laundry items collected over the years . .

Laundry Room

Vintage laundry items corralled in an Ikea hanging basket . .

~ ~ items gained from a friend and gift from my sister.

Now moving to the other side . .

Laundry Room

A top was made so that I would have a space for folding clothes . .

~ ~ and most importantly, have a space to house my “pretties”

Laundry Room

Laundry Room

This blue and white 1971 plate with a laundry theme was a great find!

Laundry Room

My cute clothes sprinkler lady….

Laundry Room

Laundry Room

My washer eats socks!!!

Laundry Room

Laundry Room

I purchased this print when I was in Charleston not too long ago. .

~ ~ It reminded me so much of my mom hanging clothes on the clothesline . .

~ ~ ~ ~ always wearing a “house dress”

Laundry Room

And I hope that I will never have to revert to using these!!!

Thanks so much for visiting the room where I spend lots of time in . .

Gotta go and do another load of laundry, as “loved ones are nearby” ! !

Have a great day!!

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A Laundry Room “Addition” and A Visit From A Special Blogger…

I guess I have to count my blessings….

…..that my hubby does not like to “sit”.

He is in constant motion…

… rarely see him sitting in front of the TV…

……….well unless it is an important Yankee game or the upcoming Gator game…

So one evening this week…he asked…is there a small project I have for him?

……Ah, yes..plenty!!..

………….. but I had one in mind…something that has been in the closet for months!

Yes honey…the laundry room….

… want me to do laundry?….oh no silly…this…


I do not know about you…but I always seem to have lots of laundry….

…..even though it is just the two of us!!

I came across this decal at Lacy Bella Designs…I saw it on a blog…cannot remember whose blog…

…..but I thought it was perfect!!


So when I feel that drudgery of laundry…


The constant wonder of how in the heck does two people create so much laundry…


And loose socks….where do they go?…to the sock abyss?…


But then I think…I should not I could be doing laundry….

…..with a contraption like this:


And using products such as these:





I thank goodness for the inventions of modern man…





In addition to the decal…I also had the laundry room repainted..

…..from SW Blonde…to SW Silvermist…

And now to that very sweet blogger friend who recently paid me a visit!

She and her husband were visiting his aunt and uncle who live in my neighborhood….

We had been reading each others blogs for a while…..

…..her hubby said that my house looked as if it belongs in North Carolina….

She emailed me about John’s comment… I said that I did live in NC.!!..

… thing led to another and we discovered that their aunt and uncle lived down the street…


She brought me this beautiful basket of citrus..from her trees..

… she lives in Florida…not too far from where I used to live!



She has been on a “blog break”…she and her hubby are working on a big project…

So without further ado….here is Whitney!!…of Drab to Fab Design…alongside her hubby John.


She is beautiful inside and out…we had a short but very nice visit…


I am hoping that Whitney will be able to attend Haven…..

… that many others could meet her too!!…

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