A New Perspective and Vignette

I planned to write this post the other night; however, I was distracted . . .

and a bit worried. For you see, my hubby was driving home in potentially bad weather to get home

hoping to, one, get home before the big snow event and secondly, be home to help me for

another event, thankfully not a snow one!

Media Room-Housepitality Designs

He left D.C. bound for N.C. (love those acronyms) with the hopes of driving ahead of the storm.

Me???….I think I was the one with the white knuckles . . . Clutching the phone tight,

calling him every hour on the hour with detailed radar reports.

Great Room-Housepitality Designs

Yep . . . felt like the weather girl pointing out the storm on the radar, telling him,

“now if you make such and such by this time, you will miss the sleet.”

Great Room-Housepitality Designs

“And if you make this town by this time, you will miss the snow.”

White knuckle phone grip . . .

Great Room Ottoman Vignette-Housepitality Designs

All the while that I was talking to him on the phone . . . me calling him, as I did not want him

to take his eye off the road . . . In between calls, I was laughing inside . . .

my way of keeping calm.

Media Room-Housepitality Designs

Why was I laughing?

Media Room Ottoman-Housepitality Designs

It’s because he was driving home from being in DC for most of the week and that day he was speaking . . .

to a group on subject matters relating to Climate Change!

Media Room-Housepitality Designs

Climate has certainly led the news of late . . . this winter has seemed to drag on slowly . . .

leaving its footprints behind . . . interrupting our daily routines. . . now really Mother Nature!

Media  Room-Housepitality Designs

OK…He has 10 more miles to go . . . ten miles from home.

The snow was coming down in huge flakes . . . visibility was near zero . . .

Media Room-Housepitality Designs

My white knuckles and I stayed on the phone with him . . .

As he turned on to the main road in which 5 miles down is the entrance to our subdivision.

My heart racing as he said, “I cannot tell where the road is, it is all one white plain and no

tire tracks to follow.” Driving slowly and carefully.

Media Room-Housepitality Designs

“I see the entrance . . . I am home! . . . Well almost.”

I stayed on the phone until I saw the headlights enter the driveway and I ran to open the garage door

so he would not have to take his hand off the wheel and reach for the door opener.

My knuckles got their color back . . .

But my hubby lost his rosy cheeks when I hugged him so tightly . . .

that he started to look like my white knuckles.

Today, I originally planned to talk about how I just removed the last of the Christmas decorations

from this room and the new vignette I created. . .

and the new throw on the ottoman that was a beautiful gift.

But that seems so trivial to me now. I just had to talk about the guy who made it home safe and sound.

The guy that chose this house plan because of this very room that he thought was pretty awesome.

We lost power early the night before and just got it back late this evening.

I am thankful for what is important, family. I will save the vignette talks for later! 🙂

Have a wonderful, wonderful day snuggled in your home safe and sound.

Vintage Wash Stand

When we (well, mainly my hubby as I mostly supervised) 🙂 . . .

~ ~moved 12 pieces of furniture last week . . .

~ ~ ~ ~one of those pieces was the vintage wash stand that was in our bedroom.

The wash stand was also formerly in the guest room! . . . It is a “well traveled” piece.

So where did this poor wash stand that can’t seem to find a permanent home land?

Media Room

In the Media Room!

Media Room

My iron scroll lamp by Soft Surroundings has found a great home here . . .

Media Room

Media Room

Media Room

I love how the morning sun streams through this room . .

Media Room

I recently added three new pillows to the sofa to lighten up the area.

~ ~ a paisley print from Pottery Barn and a PB linen pillow cover with the jute trim.

Media Room

One side is monogrammed . . .

~ ~ and I have plans for the other side . . .

Media Room

A cream colored throw that I purchased at a Paris Market was also added to the sofa.

Media Room

With a dark brown sofa in the room . . I am slowly adding lighter accents . .

~ ~ to gain a lighter feel for summer.

More “dominos” being played in this house . .

~ ~ I will have another “change in latitude” on Friday . . stay tuned.

Have a great day . . are you experiencing any “changes in latitude” ?

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