How to turn a Garden Stool into a large vase

I have a pair of cream colored reticulated garden stools.

They used to be at the top of my bookcases.

Now one is here:

Garden Stool

Sits next to the chair in the Great Room.

I have another one and had an “epiphany” . .

~ ~ to turn it into a large vase!

Garden Stool

I placed some felt pads on the top to stabilize it . .

~ ~ as the top will be the “bottom” of the vase.

Garden Stool

Turned the garden stool upside down . . .

Garden Stool Vase

Added some ivy, twigs and branches from my Forsythia bush . .

Garden Stool Vase

Replaced the faux boxwood wreath with an moss covered letter . . .

~ ~ ~ oh so, Common Ground’esque!

Garden Stool Vase/butterfly basket

Garden Stool Vase/butterfly basket

I added my Lenox butterfly reticulated basket to the vignette . . .

~ ~ I actually ditched the original pic of this and took this one this morning . .

~ ~ ~ ~ when the morning sun was streaming through the room.

Garden Stool Vase/bunny

On the other side of the vase is my “special bunny” . . .

~ ~ This was actually the first item I bought from what is now HomeGoods.

Years ago, whenever we were in Atlanta, I would visit this particular shopping area . .

~ ~ that had a Bombay Outlet and a Calico Corners.

One day I noticed that a TJ Maxx and More was added to the shopping center . .

~ ~ the “More” was the addition of a tremendous amount of “home goods” .

Then later it spun off to “HomeGoods”…

Garden Stool Vase

I only had time to buy one thing as just as I walked in . .

~ ~ my hubby called me and said he was ready to be picked up from his client’s office.

However, the very next time we were in Atlanta, I made sure I had hours to be the store!

Garden Stool Vase

Garden Stool Vase Vignette

I love re-purposing items . .

~ ~ all the while I was creating this arrangement in the “garden stool” . .

~ ~ ~ ~ my hubby was looking at me as if I had two heads.

And when all was said and done . . he gave me the thumbs up! 🙂

So what have you re-purposed lately?

Have a most wonderful day!!

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