My Awesome Day . . . The Photo Shoot of my Home

I am sure that all of you with a passion for decorating have this one common dream ~

~ ~ to have your home photographed for a publication . .

~ ~ ~ ~ a shelter magazine.

Well, my dream has come true . . .

Photo Shoot

The most incredible team that I have dubbed “The Dream Team”

Sunday ~ ~ The “Divine Stylist”

Richard and Russ – – The photographers

Photo Shoot

Sunday working her magic . . with Russ lending a hand ~ ~

Photo Shoot

Sunday and Richard perusing a shot . .

I found it so amazing how well they all worked so wonderfully together . .

~ ~ truly “the dream team”

The Photo Shoot

Russ trying to get the perfect shot 🙂

~ ~ I felt as if I have known this fabulous group of people for years..

Photo Shoot

Russ and “his helper”….

~ ~ showing my granddaughter how they take and edit photos through the computer.

She was fascinated!

Photo Shoot

This is the only photo I took of “part” of a “styled area” by Sunday . .

~ ~ it took my breath away.

I cannot say enough about what an experience I had . .

Photo Shoot

They were the utmost talented professionals and a wonderfully fun group!

And . . while Sunday was preparing to style an area . .

~ ~ she came across a basket of old Romantic Homes magazines . .

~ ~ ~ ~ yes, folks, “My name is Shirley and I am a magazine hoarder” !

Sunday ran to me to show me an old issue that I had saved . . (May 2002)

Photo Shoot

It was her home on the cover . . and her cat!

How “twilight zone” is that!!!

It was an incredible day . .

And to end this day . . it was a thrill for my granddaughter . .

Photo Shoot

As Russ let her push the computer key to take the last photo of the day . .

~ ~ so she can say “IT’S A WRAP” !!!!