Martha Stewart On the Front Porch…a tale of two lamps!

While I was away attending the Haven Conference…

My hubby called and said that Martha Stewart was on the front porch.

What?…Please say that again!…He repeated, “Martha Stewart was on the front porch”..

Oh…my lamps came!…

Lamps in Master Bedroom

I saw this lamp at JC Penney one day…but it was in another color…

…..a color that would not fit well into the room I had in mind.

Master bedroom lamp

I went on-line at JC Penney…to see if they came in any other colors…

They did!…One of the choices was “wheat”….and they were on sale…”REALLY” ON SALE.

The regular price was $195…and they were reduced to $78.00 with an additional on-line coupon.

They are still available at that price!



Martha Stewart lamp/with Pottery Barn Bedding


When I arrived home from Haven, my granddaughter who was there to meet me said…

…..Grandma your lamps came!

I could not wait to open the boxes…

Master Bedroom lamp

For some reason…the lamps had a bit of a green hue in the great room…

However, I did not panic as I would wait until the next morning to view them in the sunlight.

Martha Stewart lamp

The color seemed to be a bit better for the room in the natural light…

Master bedroom lamp

I was walking around the house with my pretty lamp.

Then, “THE LIGHT WENT ON”…when I walked in my bedroom with the lamp…

… was perfect…the perfect color for the room and with my bedding!

It was “A Good Thing”!!

Master bedroom lamp

In addition to my constant quest for lamps and other lighting fixtures…

I also have been searching and searching for the right area rug for my sunroom.

And I obtained these great tips from Martha Stewart.

When reading the tips, I realized that they had a new carpet/binding option at Home Depot!!



The Martha Stewart Living™ bound rug program at The Home Depot is a perfect solution for quick, affordable room makeovers. Kevin Sharkey, Senior Vice President, Executive Editorial Director of Publishing and Executive Creative Director of Merchandising at Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia suggests, “Bound rugs are a great way to experiment with new colors, since they aren’t permanent and you can take them with you when you move.” The Martha Stewart Living bound rug program offers over 120 stain-resistant options that coordinate perfectly with the Martha Stewart Living paint palette.


While carpets are wall-to-wall and fixed in place., our rugs are cut to size from carpet, bound, require no installation, and can be moved for cleaning. You can create customized rugs up to 15 feet wide with no seams. A bound rug is ideal for renters as it needn’t be left behind when you move.


In a small room, rugs should cover most of the floor and leave about six inches between the edge of the rug and the wall. In a large room, there should be approximately 10-12 inches between the edge of the rug and the wall.
How do you choose a rug’s color and construction?
As with carpet, keep your lifestyle in mind, as well as the room the rug will live in. For rooms and entryways that get the most foot traffic, it’s best to choose a durable construction that will wear well, such as Loop or Texture. A plush construction like Twist feels great underfoot in bedrooms and family rooms, while Pattern brings elegance to more formal settings. Children and pets cause wear and tear; so for rooms where they spend the most time, consider colors that will mask spills.


Sharkey recommends that if you have a rug under a dining room table, the rug should be large enough that the chairs don’t come off it even when pulled out. Under a sofa, it’s okay to have the two front legs on the rug, and the two back legs off, as long as the furniture doesn’t rock.


So I will be off to HOME DEPOT to check out the bound rug options for my sunroom…

I have had carpet bound before in some of my previous homes and it was a great solution…

… be able to choose a great carpet design and be able to have the perfect size.

Thank you for visiting today…I hope you enjoyed my Martha Stewart Lamps as much as I do…

…..and hope that the carpet tips are helpful too!

I cannot tell you how happy I am that they are offering that option!!

Have a wonderful day!!!

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