Thank You For Your Service

“Thank you for your service.”

Seems like a phrase that we have used so much recently

when we are in the company an active service man or woman or addressing a person

who had served our country so heroically to preserve our freedoms.

Today, we say to all those brave men and women who made those sacrifices

so that we can live in the greatest country in the world,

“Thank you for your service”.

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Reflections of Memorial Day {Honor Flight}

I would like to wish you all a most wonderful Memorial Day . . .

Some of us will be traveling . . . and some of us will be enjoying the long weekend at home.


As for me, I will be enjoying the weekend at home . .

Americana in Great Room

I will be very busy working on a large project. .

~ ~ and enjoying a visit from my sister and family from Florida.

Memoiral Day Tablescape

And also preparing for another round of company on Monday!

But most of all . . .

~ ~ I will be honoring and reflecting on the ones who served our country . . .

Americana in the Media Room

I must, at this time, give another shout out to my sister Betty Ann.

She was chosen to escort a 94 year old World War II Vet to Washington D.C. today. . .

~ ~ to the World War II Veterans Memorial…

It is under the program called “Honor Flight” . . .

She is so very honored to escort this wonderful 94 year old Veteran of the Navy.

Again, I am proud of her.

My Dad/World War II Veteran

Betty is also honored to be a part of this program to honor our father . . .

~ ~ A world War II (and Korean War) Veteran of the Army.

We miss him every day. . . he was a man of courage and integrity.

I encourage you all to look up the program, “Honor Flight”

It is an extremely wonderful program and deserves attention and our generosity.

May you all have a wonderful and safe Memorial Day Weekend . .

~ ~ honoring the brave men who served our country.