Bunnies, Jelly Beans, and Easter Joy

Hello Dear Readers!

Happy Monday!

It’s been a while

and so many things have happened

in these past two weeks.

We are all moved in the Hickory Cottage

and it was truly a difficult move due to

COVID-19. We could only get professional movers

for 4 hours and there were no professional

house cleaners available either.

So with the help of some friends, who are

truly angels, we got the move done in 5 days!

On a brighter note, today is

Monday Morning Blooms and you will see

Bunnies, Jelly Beans and Easter Joy!


Vintage Easter Basket Centerpiece


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Easter Bunny Parade Tablescape and a Giveaway

Each year when I begin to decorate my home for Easter,

memories come flooding back of my childhood

and the many songs that my parents would sing.

One in particular is a song that my mom loved,

“The Easter Parade” by the songwriter Irving Berlin.

“In your Easter Bonnet, with all the thrills upon it,

you’ll be the grandest lady in the Easter Parade.”

My mom loved it when Judy Garland sang it.

I think I know every Judy Garland song there is!

Call me a sentimental sap!

So today, in honor of the Easter Parade song,

I present you with

The Easter Bunny Parade Tablescape and a Giveaway!

See details for the Giveaway below.

Easter Bunny Parade Tablescape-Moss Bunny-Ironstone-Housepitality Designs

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Spring Vignette

Well, the bunnies have chased away the birds ….

…..and the bunnies have playfully settled on the table.


You may have noticed that I relocated my chalkboard print…

…..it was on the shelf above the stove…but I had to look up to enjoy it.

So I hung it “on” the mirror!

And if you want to know where the bunnies chased the birds off to….

…..they landed on the mantel.


Keeping the other bunnies company.


I added my “flower pot bunnies” that I have had forever…

….along with the bunny egg cups.


I have collected White House Easter Eggs…from past Easter Egg Rolls…


Each year the design changes…and colors are varied…


I love collecting “White House” memorabilia…I guess it is the “patriot” in me…




My dad instilled in us kids, the “love of country”….I am such a “flag waver”…


And it is such a “wonderful world/country”….


I am hooked on Jennifer’s (Dear Lillie) chalkboard prints…

My hubby was wondering what I was doing with the command hook stuck to the mirror…

…..looking at me with that “I have two heads look”….


But after it was hung…he and I loved it!…I pass this table many times a day….

…..and it makes me smile!



The artful writing is just amazing….


I bought another bird’s nest (can’t have too many)..and another pair of faux boxwood topiary rounds…

…..the larger boxwood replaced the 2 small ones I had stacked on top of each other…

……….but then I decided to place one of the bunnies on top of the candlestick tucked into a bird’s nest.



I look for ways to embellish candlesticks other than using the typical candle…



This bunny has special meaning….

…..I was in Atlanta years ago…I dropped off my hubby at a client’s and I drove to one of my favorite shopping places.

It had a large TJ Maxx and Bombay Outlet and Calico Corners…

…..On that day, I noticed a change in the TJ Maxx…it was “TJ Maxx and More”…

When I entered the store, my jaw dropped…it was filled with the greatest home accessories…

…..I barely got through the store and the phone rang…”I’m ready, you can pick me up now!…uugghh!!..

Now that “store” is HomeGoods!…So basically the pretty ivory bunny was my first purchase from HomeGoods!


So here is the complete view of the Spring Vignette….

…..I am sure I will tweak it more in the next couple of weeks.




Have a wonderful day!!!

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