Moving Update and It’s Not Pretty

I am here to say hello  for just a few minutes

to give you a moving update an it’s not pretty!

I took a few pics with my iPhone as my camera is in a box!

Did I tell you that we waited too long to book the movers

and all we could get was 4 hours, when we really need 4 days!!

So we are renting a U-Haul two days here, two days there

when we can gather friends and family to help us out ….

We are taking things over to the Berry Patch House

via van, car, my son’s truck and U-Haul…and then the professional moving company

will be here Thursday to move the super heavy pieces of furniture….

and exercise equipment.

In the meantime, I use things like these baskets to tote things over to the house…

I have packed hundred of boxes and totes.

Moving Day-Housepitality Designs

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