Halloween Happenings…Mummy Candy Jars

Yesterday I ran the roads (always doing things at the last minute)….gathering items…

…..for a project that my granddaughter wanted to do for her class.

Mummy Candy Jars

There were all kinds of tutorials going around Pinterest and Blogland…

…..and I did get some inspiration from here and here

My granddaughter chose this version for her project…to give to her fellow classmates.

Mummy Candy Jars DSC_2503

She has the kindest of hearts…and always thinking about others…

…..and loves “crafting”.


She could not wait to give these to her classmates this morning.

Mummy candy jars

Personalized labels just had to be placed…she has great “attention to detail”…:)

Mummy candy jars

However, the boys’ labels could not be “flowers” so she made them a decorative square label..

Mummy Candy Jars SC_2510

Mummy Candy Jars DSC_2507

Mummy Candy Jars DSC_2504

We made a total of 19 candy jars…What fun we had!

Halloween Class Party DSC_2517

Fast forward to this morning…Where we went to her classroom to see the Halloween Parade!

Halloween Class Party DSC_2520

The children had to dress up in one of their favorite characters in a book….

…..My sweetie chose Mrs. Frisby.


Each student had to speak about their character…


The Parade…


The teachers were also dressed in their favorite characters….


On our way home, I had to take a pic of one of my favorite “Halloween Houses” in my neighborhood….


Tonight…you would see the spider move up and down…and the mummy moving also…



And a creepy scorpion crawling down the side of the house…

My “sweetie” will be Trick or Treating in my neighborhood tonight…

…..as she is “treating” with some of her fellow classmates….

……….and going to some “fun houses” in our neighborhood.

Halloween night in our neighborhood is truly a “Spooktacular Event”

Happy Halloween everyone!….and special birthday wishes to out to my friend Kelly!