Christmas Inspiration – Remembering Christmas Past – Home Tour

When I looked at my calendar yesterday, I realized that I only have a few weeks

to decorate my home for Christmas. Where has the time gone?

When I start to plan my decorating, I search through many sources,

such as lots of Christmas themed magazines both past and present.

I do have to do one other thing too.

I have to browse my photos to look and see what I had done that past year.

Front Porch-Christmas 2014-Housepitality Designs

I thought it would be great to go down memory lane today

and give you another tour of my home dressed for Christmas last year.

I even forgot how I decorated it!!

Welcome to my home!

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Easily Transitioning from Christmas to a Winter Mantel

When I created my Christmas Mantel, I kept in mind that I want to be able to easily transition

it to Winter by making a few adjustments.

By doing this, this certainly created less work and a great segue into Winter.

Winter Mantel 2015-Housepitality Designs

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A Wintery Christmas Mantel

In the years past, I used a green garland and trimmed it with ribbon, ornaments,

and all the pretties of Christmas.

This year, I went with a white flocked garland to create a Wintery Christmas Mantel.

Great Room-Christmas 2014-Housepitality Designs

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French Buffet Woodland Christmas Vignette

The first thing I did when returning from Florida for Thanksgiving . . .

~ ~ was to decorate my French buffet for Christmas.

I hope you all had a most wonderful Thanksgiving.

My family and I traveled to Florida . . . to my sister’s home . . . where my mom also lives.

We were there for a week and I was a bit out of cyber sync. . .

~ ~ as my sister lives in the country . . no cell phone coverage and slow internet.

So I took a bit of a blog break.


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Winter Woodland Vignette in a Basket

In the past, I usually tended to go a bit overboard on my Christmas table vignettes.

Which meant, there was little table space for entertaining . . .

~ ~ places for drinks and an appetizer or two.

This year I solved that problem by containing the vignette in a basket . . .

~ ~ so that it could be removed easily and room made for entertaining guests.

Felted Wool Santa-Housepitality Designs

I do not get much of a chance to do much crafting . . . but I really do love to.

Several years ago our Craft Group in the neighborhood, “The Crafty Chicks” . . .

~ ~ made these great felted wool Santas.

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Woodland Winter Vignette of White and Green

Every year I try to “mix things up” with the decorations I have on hand.

I do have approximately 50 large containers and boxes of Christmas decor..

~ ~ not to mention trees, wreaths and garland.

I have a great inventory collected over the years to choose from ~ ~years of “after Christmas sales”!

Woodland Winter Christmas Vignette 2013

As I do with accessories during the year, I am changing the “geography” of my Christmas Decor.

I decided this year that I will use a softer palette of white, silver and green in the great room.

Woodland Winter Christmas Vignette 2013

I began with the Pottery Barn candlesticks and a faux evergreen swag.

Woodland Winter Christmas Vignette 2013

I placed a mini faux wreath at the base of the platform..

~ ~ to give the topiary ball a bit of a “winter feel”

Woodland Winter Christmas Vignette 2013

I love creating arrangements and experimenting with different textures.

Woodland Winter Christmas Vignette 2013

Woodland Winter Christmas Vignette 2013

A great place for a winter bird to perch.

Woodland Winter Christmas Vignette 2013

Placed a faux evergreen tree in the Pottery Barn Leah Hurricane..

~ ~ I use Department 56 faux snow as it is very fine and more realistic.

Woodland Winter Christmas Vignette 2013

Woodland Winter Christmas Vignette 2013

Added crystal deer, ceramic trees by Raz, and a cute owl.

Woodland Winter Christmas Vignette 2013

Woodland Winter Christmas Vignette 2013

I added two clear glass pine cone ornaments that have twigs inside..

~ ~ I love the texture that the twigs bring to the ornament.

Woodland Winter Christmas Vignette 2013

One Christmas vignette done….many more to go!

Have a wonderful day!!!

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The Sunroom Upside Down Christmas Tree and the Five Favorites and Winner of the “Better Late Thank Never” Linky Party

Before I tell you who the “faves” and winner of the “Better Late Than Never” Linky Party…

…..I thought I would keep you in suspense and present my large Upside Down Tree.

It stands in the corner of the sunroom…

…..It is put together like a regular tree..


I have red accents in the sunroom, so I use red ornaments and glass “icicles” in the tree…

…..along with these cute little owls and birds..




I used the same holly berry garland at the top of the tree that is also on my mantel…



I have been fortunate to find these pretty red glass ornaments on sale after Christmas…

…..and the owls too!


I use quilt batting..berry sprays and evergreens to decorate the base of the tree…

…..and a few crystal snowflakes



A view of the sunroom…..


As with most rooms…furniture has to be moved about to accommodate the trees…

…..I am certain you all can relate!!


I just love Cyclamen this time of year!!…



A few “tidbits” around the room….





Another Nativity that I have…It is “faux marble”…



And this cutie..flew from the tree and landed here…


Thank you for your patience in another picture filled post…and now to the announcement…

…..Do you remember our Linky Party..”Better Late Than Never Christmas Inspirations”??

……….that I participated in with these beautiful fellow bloggers?


At this time…we would like to present our five faves from the party:

Many of you know this very beautiful blogger…Becca of Adventures in Decorating

She presented this gorgeous room that was inspired by a beautiful plate…


And Mary from Home Is Where The Boat Is presented her most creative “Oh Fishing Tree”…

…..a fishing theme….Her tablescapes are also so magnificent…

……….and her garden cottage is out of the world!

dsc_0124-001 (1)

Oh My..this chalkboard art from Kelly of The Lily Pad Cottage is magnificent!!…

xmaschalkboard12 044

This wonderful festive appetizer was presented by Jocelyn of Caramel Potatoes


Pat from Back Porch Musings shared her gorgeous mantel…Her home is beautiful..

…..and her photography is perfection.


So many wonderful links to the party…I so enjoyed them all…so many great inspirations!

We thank you all for joining the party!!!

And the winner…Congratulations to KELLY of THE LILY PAD COTTAGE

…..For her magnificent Chalkboard Art!!!

French Country Cottage for Feathered Nest Friday

Deck the Foyer

Today, I am featuring my foyer….

…..although you will only see one side of it as the large tree is not up yet.

This year, I tried to incorporate a lighter color palette…

…..rather than the traditional red and green that I used the foyer in previous years.


How can I describe the “theme”…maybe a Southern Woodland Theme…

… there such a theme…did I just make that up?

This owl was on my mantel last year…


This year he is comfortably perched on a bed of cotton atop a candlestick…

…..and his friend perched below.



I have added my cotton to lend to the “Southern feel”….


and added “sparkly evergreen” picks to the sconces…


Lighted twigs are placed in the white vase…




I added evergreen and white poinsettia floral picks at the base of the candlesticks…




I had won a Christmas decorating contest last year and received some beautiful ribbon…

…..resembling birch bark.

I decided to wrap packages with this beautiful ribbon…

…..and use cotton to make “bows”

Great idea if I say so myself!!! 🙂





I wrapped more packages with craft paper and the birch bark ribbon…

…..and placed them in a basket under the table.



So, that is the one side of my foyer decked for the holidays…

…..hope you enjoyed it!!!

So what did you think of my “cotton bow”???

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Living Room Christmas Mantel

After a couple of days of working on the mantel…I finally finished..

… 10:30 that evening, I sat down on the sofa with my cup of tea…admiring my mantel…

……….then crash!!…the left tree toppled over, taking part of the garland with it.

I did not cry or curse.

I just took a deep breath and with the help of my hubby and “all the king’s men”..

… was secured and back together again. (oh that rhymed!)

So here is my living room mantel for this year…

…..another woodland type theme.


Two winter trees flanking each side of the mantel..

… is lit with led lights..

……….with owls and birds happily perched.


The mantel has an evergreen garland for the base…

…..and two holly berry twig garlands intertwined.

I placed my wooden monogram over a cotton wreath that I had made.




I hung ornaments beneath the garland…

…..I found ornaments that coordinated with the holly berry garland.






Pretty owls and birds frolic in the trees and garland….







When seeing this photo…I am inclined to say “Peace On Earth”


And the squirrel keeps coming back every season for a visit….


A view from the left side of the mantel….


So there you have it…my Living Room 2012 Christmas Mantel..


Hope you enjoyed it !!!

And if you would like to see my mantels from 2011…click here

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Christmas Decor has appeared…

I went to one of my favorite garden center/gift shops a while ago, with two of my sweet friends….

… sign up for a class on Christmas mantel decorating by a fabulous Christmas design expert.

When we arrived, this is what was in the garden center..

…..the elves were working night and day and here are some of the spectacular trees and decor.


I am partial to these “upside down/inverted” trees as I have two of them…

This tree has a woodland/owl theme…


I was discreetly taking photos with my iPhone….:)

I love this reindeer covered with script paper…I think it could be an easy D.I.Y..


The Christmas designer owns his own company that sells “all things Christmas”….

He utilizes many large items in his design of the these wreaths.

…..he ran a Christmas decorating contest last year and I won!….

………..I won merchandise from his catalog and can’t wait to receive my “loot”….


Owls are still very popular this year…but this cute hedgehog is a new item….love him!!



It’s hard to see, but there is a large wagon that is incorporated in the base of the tree!

And here are some great letters that are made from books…cut out by using a jig saw perhaps?


And here is a great idea of “merchandising” a hurricane…


And yesterday, I traveled to one of my other favorite garden centers/gift shops….


I needed a few supplies to complete my wreath making….for our community Craft/Artisan show….


You are greeted by this friendly fella….I cannot believe that I did not buy him!!!


This is where I purchase quality silk florals…


Here is a beautiful swag…I bought the materials to make this…

…..and will share it with you soon!



So this year, I keep seeing the same theme…of owls and decor of woodland themes…


I have used owls in much of my decor last year and still plan to do that this year…

…..however, I so love the look of a sparkly “White Christmas”


This week, I have been busy with social commitments and making wreaths for our community Craft/Artisan show..

My hubby’s “man cave” has turned into “Santa’s Workshop”


So that I can create my wreaths and swags and coordinate my Christmas decorating….

….like this…a little sneak peek of one of my wreaths.


So now I shall go back to my “Santa’s Workshop” to make more wreaths!!!

Stay tuned for my creations….

Do you make your own holiday wreaths too?