Ever So Clever, Ever So Pretty Friday, #9 {Driftwood Decor}

A couple of months ago, we traveled to Kiawah Island with friends to enjoy the beautiful island…

…..and visit the HGTV Dream Home.

My hubby was taking his morning run on the beach…

…..when he returned from his run, he mentioned that he almost tripped over a piece of driftwood.

What???…you found a piece of driftwood and did not bring it to me?…

Needless to say, he went back to retrieve that beauty.

It has been in the garage until I figured out where I wanted to put it….

…..and when I read a post by Pat of Back Porch Musings…I knew exactly where that piece of driftwood would land.


I love it here…Thanks Pat!!


Pat placed her piece of driftwood on the hearth of her lake condo.

Pat has impeccable taste, and I so loved where she placed her driftwood. It is so beautiful.


This is the piece without the embellishments…



I added some grasses and pods that I had in an arrangement.


I purchased this cute wooden bird on a spool at Pottery Barn for 70% off…


I love how it adds such great texture to this area.


I am so happy that my hubby went back to retrieve that piece that he almost tripped over!!

On another subject…

I have been busy this week preparing for and entertaining house guests, lifelong friends.

I was trying to come up with a centerpiece for the table…

So I gathered these:


Apples, two bowls and candlesticks…


I turned one of the bowls upside down for a base and placed a shallow Lenox Butler’s Pantry bowl on top.


And it resulted in a pedestal bowl in which I placed apples in for a punch of color.


I would have preferred to place the shallow bowl on a white cake stand, but did not have one…

…..and company was due to arrive in a couple of hours..so I did my usual thing of turning things upside down…


I love the color of Granny Smith Apples.

However, it needed something else…a little bit of something “happy”….

…..I glanced over at an arrangement of daises, “the happy flower” that I just made for the guest room.


And a few stems of daisies found its way to the dining room centerpiece.



Adding the daisies felt right…bringing in another touch of white and green…this made me “happy”..!!

Thanks so much for your visit and I hope will enjoy your weekend making “happy memories”…for I know I will be..