New “wheels” in the Media room

I have been busy . . .

~ ~ and somewhat in a “mini panic mode” . . .

~ ~ ~ ~ preparing for something exciting to come in a couple of weeks.

Done my fair of shopping these past couple of days. . .

~ ~ and there are some new “wheels” in the media room!

Warren Pulley Task Lamp

Can you guess what this is???

Pottery Barn Warren Pulley Task Lamp

Getting close? . .

Media Room

I gathered my Pottery Barn bucks, gift cards, and coupons . .

~ ~ and woo hoo . . I got this Warren Pulley Task Lamp for a little over $30.00

Love those Pottery Barn bucks!

Media Room

I was trying to decide between this lamp and another . .

~ ~ but hubby really loved this one. . .

~ ~ ~ ~ you know . . you have to throw them a bone every now and then! 🙂

Folk Art Uncle Sams

My folk art Uncle Sams . .

Media Room

Now, if they could only invent a way to make the cords invisible!!!

~ ~ and there are a few more additions happening in this room . .

Pottery Barn Bolton Lantern

We took down the fan and replaced it with the Pottery Barn Bolton Lantern

Media Room Monogrammed pillow

Adding some new pillows in the room like this one made by my friend Linda . .

~ ~ a.k.a., Kristen’s mom.

You are going to see the fabric in 2 other rooms soon! Keeping Linda busy!

So stay tuned for more changes happening around here!!!

Have a wonderful day!