My Spring Mantel Feature on Pottery Barn

An email appeared in my in-box…from Pottery Barn!

They would like to know if I would consider allowing them to feature my Spring Mantel on their blog.

OK…after a one second deliberation…YES!!!…OH YES YOU MOST CERTAINLY CAN!!


I displayed the Pottery Barn Bunnies on my mantel and used them as playful bookends.




Can you tell that I am over the top excited…the earth moved as I turned cartwheels across the floor!

…..and some people think it was a mini earthquake.

So thank you Pottery Barn…for giving this old body the opportunity to turn cartwheels across the floor!

…..and to think it all started with this cutie:


So if you would like to see my feature…click here:

Have a wonderful and joyous Easter…enjoying Pottery Barn Bunnies too!

I am joining:

Funky Junk Interiors for Party Junk/183 Old Shutters