Winterizing the Foyer, A Winter Vignette

After a very busy and fun-filled weekend with friends and family

which was  also filled with surprises,

I hit the ground running on Monday, dismantling the Christmas decorations.

It usually takes me the better part of the week to do this,

so I concentrate on one area at a time.

I thought it best to start in the entry . . . the foyer.

After the Christmas items were taken away,

I began winterizing the foyer.

Foyer Table Vignette - Housepitality Designs

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Fall Foyer Antique French Buffet Vignette

It was time to “fall-i-fy” the foyer.

So what do I do? . . . Do I try to keep with the theme this year of keeping it simple?

Well I tried. Tried to keep most of the items that were already on the antique french buffet

and just embellish with a some touches of Fall.

Ironstone Foot Bath - Housepitality Designs

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If You Create It, It Will Come

One of my favorite movies is Field of Dreams.

“If you build it, they will come.” So I am taking that philosophy with Spring.

If you create a spring environment, it will come!

Do you hear that Mother Nature?!!

I have been sequestered in the house this week . . . I should sell tickets . . .

for people who want to skate in my driveway.

While dealing with cabin fever, I thought it was time to create Spring indoors even though my views

outdoors are of rolling hills of snow and ice.

Sunroom-Housepitality Designs

I grabbed my Pottery Barn lantern that was on sale and placed a vase of water in it rather than a candle

and added the tulips that were on sale at the grocery store after Valentine’s Day.

So happy that they had red tulips left!

Pottery Barn Candlesticks/Lantern-Housepitality Designs

Sunroom/Pottery Barn Candlesticks/Lantern-Housepitality Designs

A bit of the unexpected of tulips in a lantern . . . this may be the standard for this item!

Sunroom flowers-Housepitality Designs

Taking advantage of the flower sale, more flowers added to the sunroom and placed on the potting bench

in the background.

Sunroom-Housepitality Designs

Sunroom-Housepitality Designs

The sunroom is next to the kitchen in which I spend lots of my time as many people do . . .

so it is great to be a able to see beautiful spring flowers to lift your spirits on a cold winter’s day.

So what say you Mother Nature? . . . if we project lots of Spring in our homes, will it come?

Well, the Farmer’s Almanac is saying “No!” . . . and then The Ground Hog chimed in too.

Have a great weekend . . . I wish you happy thoughts of Spring to come!

Decorating with White and Pottery Barn

I am still on a bit of a “stay-cation” this week.

Catching up on housework and recovering from the many travels of the past two months.

I put away the Americana decorations and needed a light summer look.


I kept the Pottery Barn candlesticks on the table and added some ironstone to the vignette.



I purchased the vintage ironstone pitcher near Johnson City, Tennessee.

It had a great price of $12.00 on the tag…when I brought it up to the counter….

…..the kind gentleman said, “would $10 be okay?”….uhh sure!!!

Needless to say, I walked out of the shop with a smile on my face!




I purchased the double handled urns from the Pottery Barn Outlet during my trip to Atlanta.

…..I placed them on the candlesticks.

My hubby asked if I was ever going to place actual candles on the candlesticks…

… day!



I love the color and texture of reindeer moss.

It works well at the base of the urns.


I know I titled the post, Decorating with White…but you know me, I love color.

I added hydrangeas from my yard and placed them in the vintage ironstone piece…

…..that I bought in a yard sale in Johnson City, Tenn for 50 cents! 🙂




The container of hydrangeas sit on top of a book of poetry by Browning, dated 1895….

…..also purchased at the same yard sale for 50 cents!


To tie in a bit more color, I added some lavender buds to a small pitcher.


The candlestick is placed on some of my favorite books…

…..including the Country Living Decorating With White.



I replaced the chalkboard print with a boxwood wreath on the mirror.


The sun is streaming onto the floors this morning…it is great to see the brilliant sun in the morning again..

…..after so many rainy days in the past…but it has been really hot, so rain is welcome again!!

You saw some of my treasures in this post that I bought at mainly yard sales…

…..while in Johnson City, Tenn attending my hubby’s tournament.


And here is all of the loot!…and I paid just a little over $50 for all of it!!!


I was so happy to find a tobacco basket for a super great price…

…..great books over 100 years old for 50 cents each, a vintage ironing board…

……….a small mahogany table, a pretty silver teapot ($2.00)…and more.

I really need to go to that area more often…hmmm, I wonder when the next tournament is…

My usual Friday Series will return after the Haven Conference….when I will have more time to resume projects.

I wish you all a most wonderful weekend filled with great times and making beautiful memories!

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A Spring Vignette {Pottery Barn Candlesticks and Leah Hurricane}

I love the versatility of my ceramic Pottery Barn Candlesticks and Leah Hurricane.

I use these pieces in so many different ways.

This vignette went from an Easter theme to Spring.


This table is in the passageway to the kitchen area.

It was originally my sofa table many years ago. It is perfect for this narrow passageway.


You can see part of the kitchen through the doorway.


As you can see, I used the candlesticks as holders for the topiaries…



I placed reindeer moss at the base of the topiary for some color and texture.


I have used this Leah Hurricane from Pottery Barn in so many different ways…

…..for Easter, I had filled it with my White House Easter Egg Roll Commemorative Eggs.

Now, it holds a bird’s nest and the mother watching over her eggs…



I purchased this pretty Demijohn at the High Point was a great deal..

… I could not wait to place it somewhere in my house…and it landed here.

I love the color and texture it added to the vignette.

This Spring vignette contains many things that I already have with the exception of this new Demijohn

…..and two new books it sits on..The Welcoming House (by Jane Schwab and Cindy Smith)…

………. and Paris Flea Market Style (by Claudia Strasser). Both fabulous books!


The chalkboard print remains on the mirror…I love it there.


While at Trader Joe’s the other day, I spotted this pretty succulent arrangement…it quickly went in my cart!


Just hoping that this does well in the house…Any tips out there?


Another view…


Thanks for visiting today…I am getting ready for more company today…lifetime friends.

…..Jane from Cottage at the Crossroads has featured my friend Linda a couple of times.

……….One of Linda’s tablescapes and her beautiful deck that overlooks the magnificent Rocky Mountains.

Jane has featured non-blogger/readers’ home decor projects and crafts on her blog..Such a nice feature!

Have a beautiful day!!!

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Wow Us Wednesdays

DIY by Design Swing Into Spring


A New Table Vignette

Well, the table is not new…

…..but there’s a new vignette in town….with new “sticks”

The Pottery Barn Gift Card from my niece was burning a hole in my wallet…

… Merry and I did our trek to Pottery Barn.

They set aside a our “personal register” when they see us coming through the door!





Now…pay no attention to the silhouette…

…..of the reflection of the Christmas tree in the mirror!

These candlesticks have been around for a while….

…..and I took advantage of their sale!

I placed a faux boxwood topiary ball on the top…

…..but it looked too small.

So I placed another on top…and made it larger…more to scale.



I twisted the wired handle into a heart shape…

… very first Valentine decor of this year.


And you know how much I love birds…

…..they have made an encore from Christmas.




A empty bird nest is cradled below the candlesticks…

…..waiting for Spring.


I love “shopping the house”…

…..relocating the accessories…

The only “new kids in town” are the candlesticks.


In keeping with the post Christmas/Winter theme…

…..I kept the “magnetic snowflake” on the lamp shade.

I love these magnetic accessories…will have to create some of these!


So here is another area finally cleared of the Christmas decorations…

…..working on adding Valentine decor to the front of the baskets.


More “undecorating” and “redecorating” today.

Thanks for visiting me today…!!…I so appreciate your company!!

Have a wonderful day!!

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Fall Foyer Table and Plush Velvet Pumpkins

I started some Fall decorating yesterday afternoon….

…..It’s a start…and hope to get more accomplished by the weekend.

So, let’s start with the foyer table.

…..As Kim from Savvy Southern Style would say..

……….this is what it looks like now, there may be many tweaks in the future!


I bought a beautiful set of fall plates from Pottery Barn…with my coupon!!

…..the $25 off of $50 purchase one!…:)

I placed my wooden pumpkins on top of the candlesticks and surrounded the base with reindeer moss.


I added fall foliage and a pretty moss ball…


A pretty pumpkin candle sits in an iron leaf plate…bought those years ago..


Candlesticks from Pottery Barn too….




I previously mentioned my Plush Velvet Pumpkins that I received as a gift from my sister…

…..I placed them on a mini cake stand…a place of honor.


I placed a Fall inspired large ribbon tassel at the base…


I so love the beautiful stems….

……my favorite is the one that looks like someone holding a branch…


However, my granddaughter loves the one…

…..that looks like a dragon!


And I so love the new leopard print!!


But all in all…they are beautiful and I will treasure them forever…


Now on to shop for my Craft Party tomorrow….stay tuned!!

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So where did you place the stained glass window?….

After the antique wood and iron shutters were mounted above the mantel….

…..the question presented by many was….

So where did you place the stained glass window that was over the mantel?

So here is the before:


And here is the after of the mantel with the new antique iron and wood shutters:


Here is the foyer before:


And here is where the stained glass found its new home….


The mirror over the table has been relocated….

… know, that domino/snowball effect.

You put one new thing on the wall and you have to move many other items!!…

In my case, I also had to move a couple of pieces of furniture.


So is this what they call Zero Dollars Decorating?


I had a lamp on that table and it just did not go with the stained glass….

… actually was too large and covered most of the bottom portion of the stained glass.

So off it went to another space.

I replaced it with a trio of Pottery Barn Champagne Mercury Glass candle holders.

I added a square Portmeirion plate…




The plates on the sconces had to be changed out too….the domino effect again…

So I placed my Jadite plate and bowl on the sconce…and added a dried hydrangea bloom.



I like the change…..

… I really like the other changes that I had to make….Oh, Dom – min – O…..

As I was moving things around…

… hubby kept singing that song…Oh…ah…oh…Dom – min – O…



I hope you liked my “re-design”….the Part One of the Domino Effect…

And I would like to add a great big THANK YOU!!!…and a shout out to Susan from Between Naps on the Porch….

… I won the $100 Gift Card from Old Time Pottery!…..

Great timing for some great Christmas decor shopping!!….Thanks again Susan!!!


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