Flowers And A Red Hat

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Today, I am going down

memory lane with

Flowers and a Red Hat


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A Sentimental Coat/Hat Rack Painted ASCP Old White

I have had this coat/hat rack for more years than I want to admit….

It was placed in the attic when we first moved into this house.

Then it landed in my hubby’s office…gathering sports memorabilia…

…..and whatever my granddaughter decides to hang on it.


Painted this dark stained solid pine coat/hat rack stand with ASCP Old White.


This is the before…


This is where it was…covered with “stuff” in my hubby’s office…

…..but I should not call it “stuff” as one of the items is his treasured Master’s hat….

……….that was signed by many of the “past masters” including Tiger Woods.


In my previous home, the coat/hat rack held my many “red hats”…

… know that famous “Red Hat Society”…yes I belonged!


This was one of the very first hats I bought for our “Red Hat” group…”The Scarlet Starlets” !! 🙂

Originally, the hat had no flower, but I purchased this beautiful flower on one our our Red Hat outings.


I believe I purchased the flower in the quaint town of Dade City, Florida…

…..our lunch event there was coordinated by me….we took turns hosting the events.


And no event is complete without a great invitation (do you love my invitation??!!)…


This is my friend Linda’s first red hat…she gave it to me when she moved away.


Her move mad me sad, yet I know she was moving away from Florida, from family and friends…

…..for the same reason we were….our “potential grandchildren”.

So it left me with a feeling much like this empty hat rack..


But in time, you meet new wonderful friends near and far…


Like beautiful new hats…as this oh so Jackie Kennedy style pill box hat.

I am a sentimental person…always have been.

I hang on to things way too long…but then again, sometimes I am glad I did.

However, what is that saying?..”if you love it, you sometimes have to let it go”…?

Well, I cannot part with those hats…but the coat/hat rack has served us well..

…..and it is time to let it the booth! But hatless, I must say!


As great hats are like friends…you must treasure them and never let them go!

Note: Due to the the effects Tropical Storm Andrea…I was unable to complete my Friday Feature….

…..too gloomy for pics, so I will be resuming the feature next week!

Have a great weekend…hopefully yours will be drier than mine!!