Southern Living 2014 Idea House, Part Two

Today I present Part Two of the Southern Living 2014 Idea House

~ ~ located in Palmetto Bluff, (Bluffton), South Carolina.

Part One of this wonderful house was revealed earlier this week.

There was so much to see and take in with this home.

I must say that the way the house was built around the views was my favorite thing about this home.

However, there is a room that was my absolute favorite!…so I will start with that room today!

It’s called “The Clutter Room”

Southern Living 2014 Idea House

A room where it is an extension of the kitchen . . . like a bit of a butler’s pantry . . .

Southern Living 2014 Idea House

A place where you can create and have a place to arrange flowers from the garden . . .

Southern Living 2014 Idea House

And great shelves for storage . . . or your “staging area”

Maybe this is one of my favorite rooms as I hope that one day I can have a similar “clutter room” like this.

Southern Living 2014 Idea House

I say that the “clutter room” was my favorite room IN the house…but I must say, if you ask me . .

~ ~ what was my most favorite part of the entire “property” ?. . .

~ ~ ~ ~ it would have to be the magnificent lot with the views and outdoor living spaces!

Southern Living 2014 Idea House

It’s the “ahhh moment”…

Southern Living 2014 Idea House

Southern Living 2014 Idea House

And you can also watch the boats go by on the river . . .

Southern Living 2014 Idea House

All of the above can also be seen from the inside of the house

~ ~ and take notice of that fabulous ceiling!

Southern Living 2014 Idea House

Let me tell you . . . after sitting out on this patio. . . you get the feeling of such calm. . .

~ ~ thus, I was tempted to go to the “happy hour” setup in the kitchen

~ ~ ~ ~ and make me a drink with a cute umbrella!

Southern Living 2014 Idea House

One end of the porch . . . loved the curved shape of the side wall.

Southern Living 2014 Idea House

Love the curved steps which mimics the curves in the side wall at the ends of the porch.

The door at the top of the steps lead into the kitchen…

~ ~ it is great that there is space for a table under the window . . . yet on the other hand . . .

~ ~ ~ I think I would have made a pass through bar area that is level with the kitchen window .

Just sayin’ . . . .

Southern Living 2014 Idea House

The landscaping was so gloriously done . . . leave it up to the Southern Living Plant experts and designers . .

~ ~ to create such an oasis.

Southern Living 2014 Idea House

And not a detail left undone in placing beautiful containers of plants throughout the house.

Southern Living 2014 Idea House

My hubby (in red shirt) pointing out some details in the architecture to our friends.

We have already decided that in our next home, the roof will definitely be a metal one . .

~ ~ and maybe a red one!!

Palmetto Bluff

Like this one!!…Would love to build one similar to this one . . . but without the huge price tag . . .

~ ~ and square footage.

I have more to share . . but that will be later . . .

I would like to end this post with a story that made my “heart happy”

When we went in to the town square of Palmetto Bluff to have lunch and walk around . . .

Seeing sites like this:

Palmetto Bluff

Beautifully tree lines streets . . . of moss covered oaks.

Palmetto Bluff

And wonderful palm trees along the edge of the water . . .

After taking some photos after lunch and walking to the car . . .

~ ~ I heard a voice . . something like, “Shirley, is that you?” . . .

~ ~ ~ ~ I turned around to see these two very nice ladies who were addressing me.

Yes, it is . . . Housepitality Designs?….yes, WE FOLLOW YOU…WE LOVE YOUR BLOG!!!

Eeeck…someone from far away recognized me and follows me!…How great is that!…as I said . . .

It made my day . . . and made my “heart happy” !!

After a short conversation. I took a pic of them before we left.

Palmetto Bluff

Meet Marlene and Doreen….thanks ladies!…as I said, you “made my heart happy” !!

And my hope to you all today, is that you encounter something or someone special that makes your “heart happy”.

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