A Container Garden in Silver

Hello Dear Readers!

I hope you have enjoyed your weekend

and you are ready for some wonderful

flower inspiration during these winter months.

Join me today for  Monday Morning Blooms

along with my flower loving friends, Mary and Pam

(Lidy was unable to join us today)

bringing you one of the things that

brings us joy ….. flowers!

The links to their posts are

below their beautiful images

at the bottom of this post.

Spring bulb flowers have been on my mind,

so I present:



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A Blooming Watering Can

Hello Dear Readers!

Welcome to the first Monday Morning Blooms of the month!

It’s real – – – no April Fools’ shenanigans  today.

Just truly amazing floral inspiration 

from me and my Monday Morning Bloom friends, Lidy, Mary and Pam.

Today’s common theme is Watering Cans.

The links to their beautiful watering cans in bloom are below at the end of the post.

So let’s see what I came up with for my watering can in bloom.




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Spring Porch 2018

I love fluffing my porches for each season.

The fluffing came a little late as I wanted to wait

for the pollen to completely end. It seemed as if it was going on forever!

Yellow yuck everywhere!

I intentionally decided that I omit the door wreaths this year for that

more simply stated look for my Spring Porch 2018.

Spring Porch 2018-Housepitality Designs-5

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Floral Friday Easter Basket Centerpiece

Happy Friday everyone!

It is a happy day because it is Floral Friday,

when I join three of my wonderfully

talented blogger friends

to give you some great floral inspiration.

Today, for your enjoyment and ideas

for using flowers for Easter, is my

Floral Friday Easter Basket Centerpiece 

Easter Centerpiece-Housepitality Designs-9


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If You Create It, It Will Come

One of my favorite movies is Field of Dreams.

“If you build it, they will come.” So I am taking that philosophy with Spring.

If you create a spring environment, it will come!

Do you hear that Mother Nature?!!

I have been sequestered in the house this week . . . I should sell tickets . . .

for people who want to skate in my driveway.

While dealing with cabin fever, I thought it was time to create Spring indoors even though my views

outdoors are of rolling hills of snow and ice.

Sunroom-Housepitality Designs

I grabbed my Pottery Barn lantern that was on sale and placed a vase of water in it rather than a candle

and added the tulips that were on sale at the grocery store after Valentine’s Day.

So happy that they had red tulips left!

Pottery Barn Candlesticks/Lantern-Housepitality Designs

Sunroom/Pottery Barn Candlesticks/Lantern-Housepitality Designs

A bit of the unexpected of tulips in a lantern . . . this may be the standard for this item!

Sunroom flowers-Housepitality Designs

Taking advantage of the flower sale, more flowers added to the sunroom and placed on the potting bench

in the background.

Sunroom-Housepitality Designs

Sunroom-Housepitality Designs

The sunroom is next to the kitchen in which I spend lots of my time as many people do . . .

so it is great to be a able to see beautiful spring flowers to lift your spirits on a cold winter’s day.

So what say you Mother Nature? . . . if we project lots of Spring in our homes, will it come?

Well, the Farmer’s Almanac is saying “No!” . . . and then The Ground Hog chimed in too.

Have a great weekend . . . I wish you happy thoughts of Spring to come!

Some things that make me happy . . Flowers and a Feature . .

What makes you happy?….



Happy is a great pot of hydrangeas when your hydrangea shrub . .

~ ~ is just a sea of sticks right now.

Spring Vignette

Spring Vignette

Spring Vignette

Happy is cute moss covered bunnies prancing across the table . .

Flowers and silver

Happy is a silver pitcher full of flowers and crystal pineapples 🙂

Spring Vignette

Spring Vignette

Happy is a new magazine issue like Romantic Country . .

Spring Vignette

Happy, happy is a little girl waiting patiently behind the scenes . .

~ ~ when Grandma is taking pictures . .

~ ~ ~ ~ so she can play with Lala Loopsy on the table. 🙂

And one of the definitions of a happy dance . . .


Hop on over and see my feature!! 🙂

Have a wonderful day filled with lots of things that make you happy!