Something I Could Not Pass Up

During my travels last month, I had the pleasure of making an overnight stop

on our way home ( in-between trips) and visit our friends

who live on St. Simon’s Island. As soon as we arrived, we were treated to lunch

and a visit with their beautiful grandchildren and daughter in law.

After lunch,  the grands headed back home and JoAnn and I hit the roads and went shopping,

The guys took the bikes and biked on the beaches of Jekyll Island.

While the guys got their exercise from biking,  we get ours by running  . . . . .

in and out of shops!!!  My kind of exercise!

It was on my shopping adventure with JoAnn that I saw something. . . .

Something I Could Not Pass Up!!!

Brighton Pagoda Candle Holder-Housepitality Designs

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I Was Inspired

I was inspired to create a vignette after seeing the cover of a book.

Do you get inspired that way? . . . You see an image and then get the epiphany!

I was struggling with how to create a new vignette on my coffee table for a Spring look,

or just a new look for that matter . . . and there it was, my inspiration sitting on the table!

Patina Farm Book - Housepitality Designs

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I Hope He Is Right!

I hope he is right! He being Punxsutawney Phil.

I hope that he truly did not see his shadow, as I am so ready for Spring!

There have been too many days of being house bound due to the icy weather.

I long for pretty flowers and the projects of Spring.

So I can use this:

Potting Bench - Housepitality Designs

The potting bench now is pretty sad looking as it is in the cold

and not adorned with flowers.

But I want to remain positive and “bee happy”

Flower Pots/Potting Bench - Housepitality Designs

Happiness is rocking in the rockers on the veranda with a great glass of tea.

Veranda - Housepitality Designs

Happiness is watching the flowers grow and hoping my hydrangeas bloom this year!

Back yard - Housepitality Designs

Happy is seeing the lovely green and the hanging ferns again

and also filling the window boxes on the upper porch with spring flowers.

Rear view of house/Veranda/Upper Porch - Housepitality Designs

Vintage Schwin Bicycle - Housepitality Designs

However, in the meantime, I shall plan on creating Spring vignettes.

Spring Vignette - Housepitality Designs

Of birds and flowers . . .

Spring Vignette - Housepitality Designs

Silver and Daisies . . .

Spring Vignette of Silver and Daisies - Housepitality Designs

and moss covered bunnies.

Ironstone and bunnies - Housepitality Designs

Now the good thing about being house bound is that you get to carry out

that domino effect. Coming soon.

Are you ready for Spring or do you embrace each season as it occurs as

Mother Nature wants us to?

Have a beautiful winter’s day!

Enhancing the Great Room with More Spring

Well, that did not last long . . .

I knew Peter and his friends would be a bit antsy staying in one place and they have moved on

to another area in which you will see soon. In the meantime, since the table looked a bit

empty after their departure, I created another Spring vignette.

Spring enhancements to the room are happening every day.

Spring Vignette-Housepitalty Designs

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How to turn a Garden Stool into a large vase

I have a pair of cream colored reticulated garden stools.

They used to be at the top of my bookcases.

Now one is here:

Garden Stool

Sits next to the chair in the Great Room.

I have another one and had an “epiphany” . .

~ ~ to turn it into a large vase!

Garden Stool

I placed some felt pads on the top to stabilize it . .

~ ~ as the top will be the “bottom” of the vase.

Garden Stool

Turned the garden stool upside down . . .

Garden Stool Vase

Added some ivy, twigs and branches from my Forsythia bush . .

Garden Stool Vase

Replaced the faux boxwood wreath with an moss covered letter . . .

~ ~ ~ oh so, Common Ground’esque!

Garden Stool Vase/butterfly basket

Garden Stool Vase/butterfly basket

I added my Lenox butterfly reticulated basket to the vignette . . .

~ ~ I actually ditched the original pic of this and took this one this morning . .

~ ~ ~ ~ when the morning sun was streaming through the room.

Garden Stool Vase/bunny

On the other side of the vase is my “special bunny” . . .

~ ~ This was actually the first item I bought from what is now HomeGoods.

Years ago, whenever we were in Atlanta, I would visit this particular shopping area . .

~ ~ that had a Bombay Outlet and a Calico Corners.

One day I noticed that a TJ Maxx and More was added to the shopping center . .

~ ~ the “More” was the addition of a tremendous amount of “home goods” .

Then later it spun off to “HomeGoods”…

Garden Stool Vase

I only had time to buy one thing as just as I walked in . .

~ ~ my hubby called me and said he was ready to be picked up from his client’s office.

However, the very next time we were in Atlanta, I made sure I had hours to be the store!

Garden Stool Vase

Garden Stool Vase Vignette

I love re-purposing items . .

~ ~ all the while I was creating this arrangement in the “garden stool” . .

~ ~ ~ ~ my hubby was looking at me as if I had two heads.

And when all was said and done . . he gave me the thumbs up! 🙂

So what have you re-purposed lately?

Have a most wonderful day!!

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Just Because . . So A New Vignette Is Created

Life is full of unexpected pleasures . . or displeasures . .

Yesterday, I received an unexpected pleasure . . She said, “Just Because” . .

Tulip Arrangement

Tulip Arrangement

Tulip Arrangement

~ ~ “To make your day a little brighter” !! ~ ~

Tulip Arrangement

The gorgeous arrangement was from my sister, Carol.

Now, if you ask me, “were you surprised” ??

~ ~ Yes . . and no . .

Tulip Arrangement

Bird cloche

A dear, dear friend of mine, who has since passed away . .

~ ~ told me I was like a bird that flew into her life giving her joy . .

Today, my sister is that bird . . . why? . . . Just because . . .

Bird cloche

Spring Vignette

Tulip Arrangement

I have 4 siblings . . they are all of the mindset of “just because” . . .

~ ~ a mindset of what our parents taught us on how we should live our lives.

Tulip Arrangement

~ ~ to be generous without provocation . .

Tulip Arrangement

I have been blessed with the love of family and friends . .

~ ~ and I was a happy recipient yesterday . . of “just because” . .

Today, I am off to do something for someone . . “just because”.

Hope you have a wonderful day doing something special, “just because” !!

Simply Spring in the Guest Room

I have been busy “springifying” each room in my house . .

~ ~ and now the guest room is dressed for Spring.

Guest Room/Tole Trays

The first thing I did to “Springify” the room was to add these tole trays. .

~ ~ of great floral colors. . .

~ ~ ~ ~ they replaced my trio of fabric framed art.

Guest Room/Tole Trays

I really love how the tole trays blend so well with the bed frame and chandy.

Silver room plaque

So come on in and welcome to the “Housepitality Suite” !!

Guest Room

This room will be filled with company this weekend . .

~ ~ and we can all use a bit of Spring!

Guest Room Blanket Chest

Placed a Spring vignette on the blanket chest at the foot of the bed.

Guest Room Blanket Chest

Filled the basket with things to read . . .

~ ~ and placed a “Springy” vintage tablecloth of pretty daisies.

Vintage Glove Form

. . . and I will have a little bouquet of flowers to “hand” them !

The vintage glove form is a gift from my sweet friend, Kristen.

Guest Room Night Stand

On the night stand to the left of the bed . .

~ ~ the faux hydrangeas were replaced with fresh Spring flowers.

Guest Room Night Stand


Spring decor is not complete without a bird or a birdcage . .

Birdcage floral arrangement

. . . that is nestled in a floral arrangement in a reproduction ceiling tin container.

Guest room washstand/nightstand

. . . and a copy of the latest issue of Spring Cottage.

Guest Room Washstand/nightstand

Guest Room

There are some changes in this side of the room . .

~ ~ can you spot them?

Guest Room Round Vintage Table

This table was previously in the sunroom . . .

Milk glass basket w/vintage glass fishing floats

A pop of color was needed in this milk glass basket of vintage fishing floats . .

~ ~ so I added pretty yellow daisies..

Spring flowers on a stack of vintage picnic baskets

This little Spring vignette is on top of something . .

~ ~ that was previously in the media room.

Stack of vintage picnic baskets

. . . a stack of vintage picnic baskets.

Guest room dresser

There is always room for more housing for birds!

French Wood Box

. . . that is beside my French Wood Box with the chicken stamps!

Guest room bathroom

There are some changes still in the process in this guest bathroom . .

Guest bath floral painting

This pretty painting that I bought at a moving sale in our neighborhood . .

~ ~ seems to fit well in this spot and certainly adds “Spring” to the room.

Guest bath table

I purchased this pretty little table at the sale too!

Vintage Tole Trays

So with the addition of pretty floral decor, beautiful fresh Spring flowers . . .

~ ~ a painting of Spring flowers in a vase and places for birds to nest . . .

~ ~ ~ ~ I think this room is ready for Spring!!!

I am partying with 11 fellow friends/bloggers for great Spring Inspiration!

They have some incredible ideas for “Springifying” your home!!


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Stay tuned tomorrow for Day 2 of great Spring Inspiration.


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Spring Vignette with Antique French Apothecary Jar

I am slowly adding my French Treasures into the decor of my home.

Today, I am displaying my antique French Apothecary Jar in a Spring Vignette . .

~ ~ yes, skipping Winter and going straight to Spring.

I can see all the Winter decor I want outside my window!!

I wanted to keep the vignette light and simple..

~ ~ well, as simple as I get.

I used the apothecary jar as a vase in this vignette.

And added these pretty variegated tulips from Trader Joe’s.

My granddaughter told me they are called Fire and Ice . . .

~ ~ really? High five to my little 8 year old budding decorator.

A Spring vignette is not complete without a bird’s nest . . and pretty speckled eggs.

With a background of the monogrammed chair.

Thanks for stopping by and seeing my first hint of Spring in my home!

Still incorporating more of my France trip’s treasures into the decor..

~ ~ so stay tuned 🙂

And don’t forget to stop and smell the tulips!!

Have a wonderful day!!

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A Spring Vignette {Pottery Barn Candlesticks and Leah Hurricane}

I love the versatility of my ceramic Pottery Barn Candlesticks and Leah Hurricane.

I use these pieces in so many different ways.

This vignette went from an Easter theme to Spring.


This table is in the passageway to the kitchen area.

It was originally my sofa table many years ago. It is perfect for this narrow passageway.


You can see part of the kitchen through the doorway.


As you can see, I used the candlesticks as holders for the topiaries…



I placed reindeer moss at the base of the topiary for some color and texture.


I have used this Leah Hurricane from Pottery Barn in so many different ways…

…..for Easter, I had filled it with my White House Easter Egg Roll Commemorative Eggs.

Now, it holds a bird’s nest and the mother watching over her eggs…



I purchased this pretty Demijohn at the High Point was a great deal..

… I could not wait to place it somewhere in my house…and it landed here.

I love the color and texture it added to the vignette.

This Spring vignette contains many things that I already have with the exception of this new Demijohn

…..and two new books it sits on..The Welcoming House (by Jane Schwab and Cindy Smith)…

………. and Paris Flea Market Style (by Claudia Strasser). Both fabulous books!


The chalkboard print remains on the mirror…I love it there.


While at Trader Joe’s the other day, I spotted this pretty succulent arrangement…it quickly went in my cart!


Just hoping that this does well in the house…Any tips out there?


Another view…


Thanks for visiting today…I am getting ready for more company today…lifetime friends.

…..Jane from Cottage at the Crossroads has featured my friend Linda a couple of times.

……….One of Linda’s tablescapes and her beautiful deck that overlooks the magnificent Rocky Mountains.

Jane has featured non-blogger/readers’ home decor projects and crafts on her blog..Such a nice feature!

Have a beautiful day!!!

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Wow Us Wednesdays

Wow Us Wednesdays

DIY by Design Swing Into Spring


Spring Vignette

Well, the bunnies have chased away the birds ….

…..and the bunnies have playfully settled on the table.


You may have noticed that I relocated my chalkboard print…

… was on the shelf above the stove…but I had to look up to enjoy it.

So I hung it “on” the mirror!

And if you want to know where the bunnies chased the birds off to….

…..they landed on the mantel.


Keeping the other bunnies company.


I added my “flower pot bunnies” that I have had forever…

….along with the bunny egg cups.


I have collected White House Easter Eggs…from past Easter Egg Rolls…


Each year the design changes…and colors are varied…


I love collecting “White House” memorabilia…I guess it is the “patriot” in me…




My dad instilled in us kids, the “love of country”….I am such a “flag waver”…


And it is such a “wonderful world/country”….


I am hooked on Jennifer’s (Dear Lillie) chalkboard prints…

My hubby was wondering what I was doing with the command hook stuck to the mirror…

…..looking at me with that “I have two heads look”….


But after it was hung…he and I loved it!…I pass this table many times a day….

…..and it makes me smile!



The artful writing is just amazing….


I bought another bird’s nest (can’t have too many)..and another pair of faux boxwood topiary rounds…

…..the larger boxwood replaced the 2 small ones I had stacked on top of each other…

……….but then I decided to place one of the bunnies on top of the candlestick tucked into a bird’s nest.



I look for ways to embellish candlesticks other than using the typical candle…



This bunny has special meaning….

…..I was in Atlanta years ago…I dropped off my hubby at a client’s and I drove to one of my favorite shopping places.

It had a large TJ Maxx and Bombay Outlet and Calico Corners…

…..On that day, I noticed a change in the TJ Maxx…it was “TJ Maxx and More”…

When I entered the store, my jaw dropped…it was filled with the greatest home accessories…

…..I barely got through the store and the phone rang…”I’m ready, you can pick me up now!…uugghh!!..

Now that “store” is HomeGoods!…So basically the pretty ivory bunny was my first purchase from HomeGoods!


So here is the complete view of the Spring Vignette….

…..I am sure I will tweak it more in the next couple of weeks.




Have a wonderful day!!!

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