Chickens in a Box {Antique French Wood Box}

Hope this finds you all safe, warm and cozy…

~ ~ We are experiencing serious winter weather conditions.

But we are fortunate as this moment to still have power.

And on to a more pleasant topic!..

Chickens in a box . . what??!!

While shopping in a very nice antique shop in Honfleur, France . .

~ ~ I saw a pretty blue wood box in a corner.

I picked it up, opened it and saw these cute chicken stamps . .

~ ~ pasted to the underside of the lid.

The owner wrote his or her name in it . .

Love this leather strap as a handle . .

When I buy antique/vintage items . . I often wonder how the original owner used it . .

~ ~ did they place toys or games, or displayed flowers in it?

Or maybe it held lots of books . . or a stereoscope . .

To look at President McKinley walking through the greenhouse of the White House.

I carried this box all over the house . .

~ ~ looking for the right spot . . and it landed on the guest room dresser.

Next to another “French Treasure” . . you will have to stay tuned to that!

I just love my “chickens in a box” !!!

I am sure many of you have seen this photo on many major press sites…


Apparently when the driver tried to free the car from the snow, the spinning tires caused friction and then the fire…I believe no injuries were reported from this incident.

It’s a mess here . . the snow came down so fast and furious and caught many off guard!

So for those of you affected by this awful winter storm . .

~ ~ Stay safe and warm!!!

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