Decisions, Decisions, on House Plans

I said the other day that I do not want to get ahead of this house sale.

However, our builder is saying that if I want to get this process started

without further delays and spending less time in a temporary living situation,

I need to be making Decisions, Decisions on House Plans.

He knows me too well . . . after making 5,335 changes to the plan

during our last home we built.  Thank goodness he does not charge for changes,

unless I change materials . . . he just gives me “the look” but a friendly sort of look!

Now who could get mad at me?!!!! . . . . When I say, pleeeeese!

So these past few days I have been tweaking a plan that we have been working on for a while

but  JUST IN CASE . . . looking at a few more options.

This plan is by: Architectural Designs.

No plan name, just a number.

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