How To Turn A Garden Container Into A Water Feature

A couple of months ago, on a trip to my favorite garden center I came across a fountain

that I thought would be wonderful on my front porch.

I love the sound and appearance of flowing water.

The fine folks of Smart Pond contacted me and asked if I would create

a pond/water feature in my garden. I gladly accepted; however, I wanted to do something a bit different.

I got that epiphany, that “ah-ha” moment when adding water to my fountain on the porch.

Garden Container Pond - Housepitality Designs

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Summer Home Tour 2015 with bHome Bloggers and a Great Giveaway!

Finally, after all of the sneak peek posts, I can present my Summer Home Tour to you.

I am partying with a great group of bloggers from the bHome Mobile App Community.

Where 31 bHome bloggers are presenting their Summer Home Tours and inspiration this week

along with a great giveaway of a $200 gift card

from bHome and Painted Fox Treasures. See below for details.


Summer Home Tour 2015/Guest Room-Housepitality Designs

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Ever So Clever, Ever So Pretty Friday, #14 {Muslin Garland Summer Wreaths and Porch}

Happy Friday!

Well, there was no Tropical Storm this week to prevent me from my Friday Feature…just a storm brewing…

…..however, I got the photos taken in time!…

This week my inspiration comes from Holly of Down to Earth Style.

She made a beautiful muslin wreath…


I did not make the entire wreath muslin…I added a muslin garland to my summer wreaths.

…..I took the easy route!


Look how gorgeous Holly’s wreath is!!



I went to Michaels one day and saw these great garlands…so the “light” went on.



I weaved the garland of fabric strips throughout my summer wreath.


June 14th is Flag Day…so I adorned my topiaries with multiple flags…




Years ago, I saw that Martha Stewart placed flags in her planters as I did….

……I loved it and have been doing this for years now.





Thank you Holly for giving me my inspiration for my summer door wreaths….

……I love your many creative projects!

And you can see many of Holly’s projects at Down to Earth Style.

Like this awesome console she made from pallets!!

1 first

Have a wonderful weekend.

Stay tuned on Sunday and find out how I got my decorating style…

…..and my passion for the symbol of Hospitality!..

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Summer Porch

I was on the lookout for 2 chairs for the porch…

I had this vision in mind…chairs that you could envision looking great outside…

…..with the feel of indoor furnishings.

I was reading a post of Kelly’s at Eclectically Vintage…

………………..I heard the chorus of the Angels…singing Hallelujah……you found them!


She wrote about walking into Home Depot to buy paint…

…..and there it was…the set she was searching hither and yonder for.

After a couple of emails between Kelly and I, Kelly informed me that the set was on sale…half price!!

………………..I heard the chorus of the Angels again…..singing Hallelujah..Hallelujah.


I just wanted two chairs…you can only buy this style in a set….

…..but for half price…it was a no brainer!!…


The original intention was to add 2 chairs to the front porch…but now I have a love seat and table as a bonus…

… hence, plans changed…

And enter the snowball effect…moving furniture all around the porches…

The best place was on the upper back porch…


Previously we just had a table and two chairs in that space…

Now, we can have “company” out there…to sit and enjoy wonderful conversation, wave to the golfers….

…..and yell at the deer eating my plants!


And my rusty, chippy table fit perfectly between the loveseat and chair…

…..I think that table is due for a new paint job!


And KariAnne…I’ve been spraying my ivy with dish soap…The winnebago has left the building….




Added a couple of Pottery Barn outdoor pillows for that punch of color…

PicMonkey Collage


The table had this vignette yesterday…

Today, I added the patriotic tin of sunflowers I used for my dinner group tablescape….


These are a few photos of the porch before:





So thanks Kelly..for your help in bringing new life to this porch!..

Hope you enjoyed this and would love to hear from you!

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