Indoor Plants in the Decor {A New Summer Table Vignette}

My granddaughter said the other day that my house is like a garden inside . . .

~ ~ that I have so many plants.

I always have . . . they make me happy . . . and they also make the air inside cleaner.

I have quite a few in the sunroom:

Sunroom/Housepitality Designs

Sunroom/Housepitality Designs

Sunroom/Housepitality Designs

And plants on my sunroom desk . . I try to use vintage containers . . .

~ ~ like this vintage McCoy planter. . .

Sunroom/Housepitality Designs

A vintage crock serves as this plant’s container . .

Sunroom/Housepitality Designs

This French Wine Wicker Carrier serves as a plant stand in the dining room . . .

Ironstone Planter

An ironstone chamber pot serves as a container for this plant . .

I needed a change in the table vignette in the great room . . . .

So what better than to have a plant on the table for a crisp summer look.

Great Room Table Vignette

I started creating this vignette with my variegated ivy plant . . .

~ ~ that was formerly in the back upper porch and then the sunroom.

Great Room Table Vignette

I was going for a “lighter and brighter” vignette . . .

Great Room Table Vignette

So I added some crystal candlesticks . .

Great Room Table Vignette

A Waterford “Millenium” Crystal Ball . . .

~ ~ Hmmmm. . never realized I truly had a crystal ball….

~ ~ ~ ~ do you think I can see my future? 🙂

Great Room Table Vignette

Added more bling with my crystal “signature pineapple” and silver candleholder….

Great Room Table Vignette

And a book for “texture” . .

~ ~ this is a great book, by the way. . .

Great Room Table Vignette

The ivy plant is in a blue and white transferware container that was a gift . .

~ ~ from a friend and co-worker many, many years ago.

Great Room Table Vignette

I am loving this change on the table of a fresher look for the summer . .

Great Room/Housepitality Designs

Even though summer has not officially come . . it sure does feel like it here . . .

~ ~ with temps in the high 80’s.

I am busy preparing for two large projects and a “fun” travel excursion this weekend!

Stay tuned!!! 🙂

Have a most wonderful day!!

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