Summertime Blues

It seems as though when we celebrate Memorial Day,

honoring our servicemen who have sacrificed their lives for the great freedoms

we enjoy and are blessed with in this Country, it also kicks off an unofficial welcome

to Summer . . . being that the official start of Summer is June 21st.

Today, I am kicking off Summer with some very talented fellow bloggers

featuring our favorite Summer Colors. Colors that say Summer to us.

A Summer Colors Tour, hosted by the lovely and talented Jennifer, of Town and Country Living.

When I think of summer colors, I tend to be drawn to the cool shades of blue,

the Summertime Blues . . . with pops of another favorite color, yellow.

French Pitchers-Housepitality Designs

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Decisions, Decisions, on House Plans

I said the other day that I do not want to get ahead of this house sale.

However, our builder is saying that if I want to get this process started

without further delays and spending less time in a temporary living situation,

I need to be making Decisions, Decisions on House Plans.

He knows me too well . . . after making 5,335 changes to the plan

during our last home we built.  Thank goodness he does not charge for changes,

unless I change materials . . . he just gives me “the look” but a friendly sort of look!

Now who could get mad at me?!!!! . . . . When I say, pleeeeese!

So these past few days I have been tweaking a plan that we have been working on for a while

but  JUST IN CASE . . . looking at a few more options.

This plan is by: Architectural Designs.

No plan name, just a number.

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Day 2 of the bHome bloggers Summer Tour and a Giveaway!

Last night after I got the patio furniture back in its place on the upper porch

after the power washing guys left, I took 5 to recharge and waved at my hubby

as he was mowing the lawn. He waited for the sun to set a little as the heat index

was 106! As I sat and enjoyed the dusk of the evening I noticed so many fireflies.

Yes, summer has arrived . . . and I love seeing the twinkling of the fireflies.

So speaking of summer nights and fireflies . . .

Did you see Day One of the bHome Bloggers Summer Open House Tour?

you can scroll down and see the links to them and the links for today’s tour.

Each tour is guaranteed to give you the best of all things summer inspiration.

And there is also a great giveaway from bHome and Painted Fox Treasures! (Details below)

bhome summer open house graphic

Sunroom for Summer-Housepitality Designs

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