Christmas 2020 Home Tour

Merry Christmas Dear Friends!!

Well, you know that old saying,

“Better Late Than Never”

Time has surely flown by this

Christmas Season for me.

I quickly took some photos of the

house, so that I can share my Christmas Home

with you. Our first Christmas in the

Hickory Cottage!

So sit back and enjoy more photos

and less talk!

Christmas 2020 Home Tour


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A Peek of the Christmas Sunroom and the Giveaway Winner

Hello Dear Readers!

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

I’ve been decking the halls

and doing my best not to “over-do” it;

however, this IS ME talking.

Today I am going to show you a peek into

the Christmas Sunroom. There is still much to do.

However, since I needed to reveal the fabulous

Monday Morning Blooms Giveaway

sponsored by Crown Linen Designs and Arte Italica.

I thought I’d give you a peek of the Sunroom.


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Sunroom Fall Flower Arrangement

Hello Dear Readers!

Hope you all enjoyed your weekend.

We have had glorious weather and more to come.

A great way to begin a Monday with a cool, light

breeze and sunshine on your face.

Speaking of sunshine, today is Monday Morning Blooms Day!

Lidy, Mary, Pam and I are so happy to bring you some

beautiful Fall floral inspiration.

The links to their posts are below their

most beautiful images.

Today I present to you, a

Sunroom Fall Flower Arrangement.


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Fall Bouquets in the Sunroom

Hello Dear Readers!

Happy Monday and a very Happy Monday Morning Blooms!

May I also say, Happy Labor Day!

I hope you all have enjoyed your holiday weekend.

We, (Lidy, Mary, Pam and I) are back to bring you

some lovely flower inspiration for you to enjoy.

Their links are below their most beautiful images

at the end of this post.

Today, since we are now into September and with

Fall fast approaching, I bring you,

Fall Bouquets in the Sunroom.



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Peonies and Lenox

Hello Dear Readers!

Happy Monday and

Happy Monday Morning Blooms!

I am joining Lidy, Mary and Pam

for another inspiration filled

post for all of you flower and

garden loving friends.

The links to their beautiful

creations are at the end of this post.

We are continuing with our

“Anything Goes” theme.

So here goes. . .

I chose Peonies and Lenox today.



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The Hickory Cottage Sunroom Reveal (for now)

Hello Dear Readers!

I have been up to my eyeballs in boxes and

packing paper (still) and trying my best to work

with one room at a time; however, it has

been a bit difficult as there are still

many boxes that need to be unpacked.

I worked on the sunroom.

You could not see the floor as it was truly

covered with furniture, boxes, and orphaned

accessories. However, I got through it!

The Hickory Cottage Sunroom (for now)



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Hickory Cottage Update of Kitchen, Sunroom and Lighting

Hello Dear Readers!

I have a bit of an update for you.

I wish I had updates of the

exterior of the house; however,

it’s been raining so much

that we have not been able

to pour any concrete for the driveway;

thus also not being able

to get started on the landscaping.

So today I shall show you the

Hickory Cottage Update of Kitchen,

Sunroom and Lighting.



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Bringing The Outdoors In

Hello Dear Readers!

Happy Monday and Happy First Day of July!

The first Monday of the month means it is a beautiful Monday

as I share wonderful floral inspiration along with my amazingly talented

Monday Morning Blooms friends, Lidy, Mary and Pam.

Our common theme today is garden urns.

Their beautiful images and links to their posts are below.

I have not done many outdoor posts since being at the Berry Patch House.

So today I am . . .

Bringing The Outdoors In

Into the sunroom.



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Blue and White and Boxwood

Last week we traveled to Florida to attend our Class Reunion.

On the way down we stopped at one of our fav restaurants on our route,  

to have lunch.

A bonus of this restaurant/inn is that it has a beautiful gift shop too!

So usually after I order my meal, I head to the gift shop!

It was there that I found a beautiful lamp that I could not leave behind.

I am not sure what spoke to me first . . . the design with birds

or the pretty finial. I just wish they had a pair.

When we returned from Florida and I set up the lamp in the Great Room,

of course it lead to the ripple or domino effect,

which truthfully, I enjoy!

The domino effect also led to creating new vignettes of:



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The Re-Designed Sunroom

Hello Dear Readers!

Today I want to show you the re-designed sunroom at the Berry Patch House.

Re-designed? Yes . . . When the new furniture for the Great Room arrived,

we had to move the furniture that was in that room to the sunroom.

That meant a whole lot of shuffling going on!

So come on and see . . . THE RE-DESIGNED SUNROOM.

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