Flower Arrangements In Vintage French Canning Jars

Hello Dear Readers!

Happy June! Where has the time gone?

It seems like we have gone from Spring to the warmth of Summer so quickly.

Here we are, the first Monday in June and it’s time for another magnificent

Monday Morning Blooms! A day when I join my wonderfully talented and most

creative Monday Morning Blooms friends, Lidy, Mary and Pam

to present some fabulous floral inspiration to you, our dear readers.

Their beautiful images and links to their posts are at the end of this post.

Today’s common theme is containers with labels.

It was easy for me to decide what containers to use today. I present:

Flower Arrangements In Vintage French Canning Jars



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Mother’s Day Flower Arrangement and Tablescape

Hello Dear Readers!

Hope you had a great weekend of the Derby

(oh what a memorable Derby it was)

and Cinco de Mayo.

It’s another very fine Monday as it is Monday Morning Blooms!

Today, there is an ever so beautiful collection of fabulous floral inspiration,

by my wonderfully creative and talented Monday Morning Blooms friends,

Lidy, Mary and Pam.

Our common theme today is Mother’s Day.

Their gorgeous images and links to their posts are at the end of my post.

So sit back and enjoy some great ideas for a Mother’s Day celebration.



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Flowers for Friends – Floral Friday

Hello Dear Readers!

Today is the 3rd Friday of the month and that means it’s a special Friday . . .  Floral Friday!

I am joining my Floral Friday friends Lidy, Mary and Pam to bring you another great day

of floral inspiration. Their beautiful images and links to their posts are below.

Be sure to visit each and every one to obtain the most gorgeous floral inspiration

for you to enjoy and hope you would love to re-create for your own.

There will also be a big announcement with regard to Floral Friday

at the end of the post too!

Today’s theme is Individual Arrangements.

When I have dinner parties, I always love to create a little gift for each couple

to take home with them. My signature gift is a little “pretty” with flowers in it.

So please join me for Flowers for Friends – Floral Friday.

The winner of Nora Murphy’s Country House Style Book giveaway

will also be revealed at the end of this post.

Floral Friday-Housepitality Designs

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You’re A Grand ‘Ole Flag

As the 4th of July, Independence Day, approaches,

I am always reminded of my childhood. Of sparklers and firecrackers.

Of sitting on top of the hood of my parents car watching fireworks at the park.

But most of all, I am reminded of songs. Songs of patriotism that my dad would sing.

Oh he loved to have sing-a-longs in the car.

One of the songs was, You’re A Grand ‘Ole Flag.

Flags in blue and white-Housepitality Designs

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Blue and White in the Kentucky Blue Grass Countryside

Here today is  Sheila from My Kentucky Living.
Sheila and i both have a love for blue and white and yellow too!
She is here today to show you how she decorates
with her most beautiful blue and white collections in her home.
Hello everyone! I am thrilled to have the chance to visit you via Housepitality Designs today.
Shirley and I have so much in common “design” wise.

Her blog was one of the first I began reading and it only took me a few minutes
to see that we like the same things in our homes.
I feel honored to do a guest post on her wonderful blog.

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Gold Deer and Tablescapes

Today is Day Two of the Christmas Ideas Tour.

You will find a tremendous amount of Christmas and Holiday ideas for your table.

This year I will be working on a table that is a bit different

from the past years.

However, there seems to be a constant in my Christmas tablescape

and that is my gold deer.


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A Creative Carolina Tablescape

A Creative Carolina Tablescape was the thing to create when my theme for my dinner group party was

“A Taste of Carolina”

We are a part of a Dinner Group consisting of wonderful friends

who I must say are fantastic cooks and gracious hosts.

I created this tablescape a couple of years ago and thought that I would present it again

to show you how to incorporate the love of your state and a unique parting gift for your guests.

It my was my turn and I had a very hectic schedule that week

so with some advice from a friend I decided to do something different.

TAKE OUT!!!  From some of my favorite restaurants and deli’s in my city.

I live in an area filled will the most wonderful restaurants.

Carolina Tablescape-Housepitality Designs

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A Summer Tablescape of Lemons and Daisies

Rather than setting the table with red, white and blue decor this summer,

I chose to go citrus, that sunny yellow of lemons.

When I decorated my sunroom with lemons and limes,

I thought I would carry that theme to the dining room table.

I started out with a vintage cake plate and inverted it.

Cake Plate Centerpiece-Housepitality Designs

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Summer Home Tour 2015 with bHome Bloggers and a Great Giveaway!

Finally, after all of the sneak peek posts, I can present my Summer Home Tour to you.

I am partying with a great group of bloggers from the bHome Mobile App Community.

Where 31 bHome bloggers are presenting their Summer Home Tours and inspiration this week

along with a great giveaway of a $200 gift card

from bHome and Painted Fox Treasures. See below for details.


Summer Home Tour 2015/Guest Room-Housepitality Designs

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A Simple Summer Tablescape and a Chair Makeover

Happy Monday everyone! . . . Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.

Mine was filled with lots of tasks, including preparing for a dinner party . . .

~ ~ my annual turn with the Dinner Group of wonderful friends.

Summer Tablescape

I set a simple table this time . . .

~ ~ no place cards . . . no little “cutesy” things that I usually do . . . I went Simple.

Summer Tablescape

My dining room is a casual room . . .

~ ~ that is located just off the kitchen and at the back side of the house . . .

Summer Tablescape

Rather than the typical formal dining room located in the front of a home.

I am seeing more of this “casual dining space” in new home plans.

Summer Tablescape

We feel as if we are in a “tree house” when sitting in this room . . .

~ ~ as it is a second story view.

Summer Tablescape

The centerpieces are basil plants with daisies added in pretty terra cotta pots.

~ ~ I used the floral aquapics to secure the daisies in the plant.

These centerpieces were given to my guests as “parting gifts”

It makes up for my lack of gourmet cooking skills!!!…:)

Actually, no . . . I love to give my guests a momento of the evening . . .

~ ~ and I typically design my centerpieces as the parting gifts!…Two purposes in one!!

And now to the chair makeover . . . A chair that my niece wanted for her daughter’s room.

Chair Makeover

My niece is re-locating to the Denver area . . .

~ ~ so after this chair has been sitting in her garage for years . .

Chair Makeover

~ ~ she wanted to have it recovered before she left.

Chair Makeover

Ta da!! . . . We decided to eliminate the tufting. . .

~ ~ and paint the legs for a more updated look.

Chair Makeover

Here it is in a corner of Linda’s beautiful dining room . . yes, she also does upholstery!!

So that was a snipit of my weekend…hope you all had a great one too!

Have a wonderful day and hope it is filled with great sunshine!